I'm afraid to fight.

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4/7/10 12:11:22AM
Hello, I'm new not only to this website, but MMA itself. I've watched a couple of UFC fights.
But, anyway to get back to the first topic. I am 15 and I am very afraid to fight let alone stand up for myself. I get icked on alot at school. I am a very strong kid and I know that I can take most of them in a fight. I really hate bottling up my anger. Sometimes I even cry to myself when I get home. I just wish I wasn't afraid to fight. I always freeze up when I'm faced with confrentation.

I am also a kid that never likes to start trouble, yet it somehow finds me. I really need someone's help. If you have any tips for me please let me know. Because, I really want to start standing up for myself.
4/7/10 7:28:03AM
There's nothing wrong with being afraid to fight dude don't get yourself down about that! Trust me it's nothing to be ashamed of and being a teenager sucks especially when your picked on but when you get older you will probably laugh at how you react to it now. I used to be picked on at school and i never fought because 1) i didn't want to and 2) because it's not going to solve anything and the truth is now i'm older i'm glad i never entered any confrontations.

It might not seem like it now at 15 but it will get better and the main thing you have to make sure this doesnt do is stop you from meeting new people not everyone is a tool and a solid group of friends will mean you don't care what the bully's say.

Good luck man try not to let the bully's get to you and with time it will get better, and finally welcome to the playground.
4/7/10 11:23:04AM
You don't need to fight back, but you need to make them understand that, you won't tolerate it. You need to find some help, talk to a counselor, or learn to fight and tell them to back the **** up, because you might have to defend yourself, you just can't let people push you around you're whole life, at the same time evaluate the consequences of a fight.
4/7/10 11:36:41AM
Look into your schools wrestling team, that will definitely help you as far as minor self defence and your frreezing up. If you're looking to actually take one of these guys out to prove a point, find a surface you can hit (preferably a punching bag) and watch a few Youtube video's about proper striking technique. Practice the Technique on the bag (you'll be able to feel when you've got it right, there will be a lot more power behind every strike you have.) That'll probably help you a little bit.
half the time when people freeze up it's because they don't know what to do. If you are going to stand up to them, make sure you know what to do, and if you drill yourself you'll be confident enough. I weigh all of 145 on good day, (when i'm not cutting weight), and i'm in college, so believe me kids tried to mess with me in highschool. If you show one of them that you're game, then they'll leave you alone.
4/7/10 12:09:57PM
IMO Freezing up is a good thing because you should never be the first one trowing a punch in a street fight. If your in the street and you have to defend yourself then thats one thing but in this day and age the consequenses of street fighting are all bad. You do need to let a counselor know that this is going on so if anything happend down the road there is documentation of these problems. My advice is study the bully find their flaws and expose them for who they are infront of everyone. Granted this might cause a situation where you need to defend yourself. So now you exposed him for the jerk he is maybe he beats you up a bit or you win either way if he attacks you its only going to prove your point.

Or pay the biggest baddest Mother you can find to back you and you'll be clear. lol
4/8/10 1:52:45AM
IGNORE those guys man, but dont let it build up because then you might end up physically destroying one of them with that built up anger, and it can turn out really bad...

There is jerks in this world man. All I can suggest is take up a martial art, something to keep you focused and confident. Doing martial arts as a dedicated activity, not just as a hobby. This helped me and other ppl I know.

PS everyone gets nervous about fighting. Mike Tyson once said that he was afraid, and scared before all of his fights. Afraid of losing, afraid of being humiliated, injured, but he said that fear is what made him fight the way he did. He said that with fear, great things can be done if controlled.

4/8/10 5:19:19PM
It might be really hard to see it at 15, but what happens in high school matters so little in the real world. How popular you are doesn't matter. Your reputation does not matter. Really, the only things that matter are your grades and your own well-being. If/when people pick on you, brush it off. If they keep it up and it is bothering you to the point where you are so troubled that you are crying at home about it, tell your parents and school administrators and ask for help. Do not try and handle the situation by yourself when you are obviously in a weak emotional state.

Now with that out of the way, it also sounds like you have some self-esteem issues. You have come to this forum, so I am going to infer that you have a desire to feel like you can defend and stick up for yourself. I suggest that you start getting involved in some sort of martial arts training. It will not only make you more confident in your ability to defend yourself, but it will also give you something to be proud of as you improve. If your high school has a wrestling program, that would be a perfect way to start. If you would rather do something not associated with the school, check out the local martial arts instructors in your area.

Whatever you do, just remember that the crap people are putting you through now is not going to mean anything in a few years. Keep your chin up (unless someone is punching you... then you need to tuck your chin), learn to respect yourself, and keep your eyes on what is important.

Life is constant change, and this too shall pass.
4/8/10 7:16:16PM
I always carry around an open Muscle Milk so everyone thinks I just worked out.
4/8/10 9:57:54PM
once you learn not to let things bother you like bullies, youll realize that the bullies are just a bunch of wanna be's with f**ked up lives and they just want to make them selves feel tough by picking on people that will let them. i highly recommend joining the wrestling team or a karate class. not so that you can whoop some ass, but more to learn self confidence and discipline. hit the weights to.
4/17/10 3:19:17PM
There is no issue in that jut chill and go on ....


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