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7/27/07 7:31:08PM
What could do to train with i have no equipment and no gym?
7/27/07 9:19:14PM
Do you have any martial arts training? If yes, then you could do shadow boxing (for standup) and/or sprawling, shooting and practicing your pivoting into armbar and triangle position off your back (for grappling)

Even if you don't know how to do those things doing pushups and situps/crunches is good. It's a pretty cheap investment to get a jump rope as well. In the case of the jump rope or shadow boxing try going for three minute intervals with a one minute break between. Being able to do that for 6-8 rounds is pretty good conditioning--and not as easy as it sounds.

Running is good. If you want to make it more intense run 2-3 miles and finish on a track where you can run 3-4 100 meter sprints at the end.
7/27/07 9:26:36PM
thanks man
7/28/07 8:59:28AM
trashbags...fill them with water to do curls. Use two chair backs to do dips, a fence to do pull ups, dead dog and/or coyote, or even better is a cow, hang it invertedly for a punching/kicking bag, i can go all nite...a poor mans Spectrum
7/30/07 1:55:56AM
ask Fedor
7/30/07 11:13:46AM
If you have pull up bar and dip bars you possibilities are endless. I go to the gym 9 times a week, if i don't make it by closing time. they have pull up and dip bars outside. I wear 'em out.
7/30/07 11:48:01AM
I remember there was an exercise book written by an ex-Navy SEAL, all about exercising without facilities or equipment. He'd written it for business people who travel a lot, who work at home, etc, but he drew on his experience in having to figure out how to stay in shape in odd places and keep it interesting (e.g. not just another 200 push-ups).

Unfortunately, I can't remember his name, but maybe some Google searches or browsing around Amazon would turn something up.
7/31/07 9:05:31PM
Go to a local park. Kids' jungle gyms are great places to do workouts.

Pull ups, dips, box jumps, etc. There are a myriad of possibilities