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7/26/07 12:47:48AM

1.)*Randy vs. Gonzaga*

*STRIKING*: Im goin to have to go with Randy on this one just because of his wrestling ability, i know that sounds weird but because of his wrestling and how fast he changes levels this makes fighters(Tim S, Chuck 1st Fight) worry more about his takedowns then keepin there hands up.
*WRESTLING*: Well this one isnt much of an argument due to Randys backround in Greco....
*BJJ*: This is the area that im gonna have to go with Gonzaga on but the one problem i see with this being his one area he has the advantage in is that Randy is very good at controling BJJ guys on the ground due to his strength..Randy hasnt been sub. since 2001 it seems like he works alot of controlling BJJ guys since he is predomintaly a wrestler.
*WINNER*: Randy by Unanimous or TKO

2.)*GSP vs Josh Koscheck*

*STRIKING*: Well this area is goin to have to go to GSP, i think that he is at the top of that weight class in striking. Ko's proved that he has improved his hands a little bit when he fought Diego even though Diego looked like shit on his feet, but when Ko's was standing it wasnt really technical boxing like how GSP does it. GSP is just so smooth on his feet. But one main thing that helps GSP's striking be so affective is his use of his feet which could be a problem for him since KO's will more than likely shoot for the takedown when GSP uses his kicks and i dont think GSP wants to be on his back with KO's on top of him. But i still have to go with GSP
*WRESTLING*: Im goin to have to go with KO's on this one due to his DIV 1 Wrestling backround, but remember GSP isnt someone that u can just take down at will(Matt Hughes Fights) but they say KO's has arguably the best takedown in the UFC so i think thats gonna be fun to watch him try and take GSP down. But if KO's does get him down u better believe he is gonna turn back into the HUMAN BLANKET and just lay and try to grind out rounds.
*BJJ*: Im goin with GSP with the BJJ, I mean if you go back and watch the fight with Frank Trigg that is all the convincing you need. He seriously put on a clinic against Trigg on the ground. Now i know Trigg isnt KO's but lookin back at KO's previous fights he has yet to go up against someone with the BJJ ability of GSP. You could MAYBE and i mean a long shot MAYBE say Drew Fickett since 18 of Drews 29 wins are by Submission.
*WINNER*:GSP by Unanimous

3.)*Joe Stevenson vs. Kurt Pellegrino*

*STRIKING*: Well with this fight i dont really see either have a distinct advantage. Both of these fighters would much rather be on the ground working either wrestling or BJJ. After watching some of there old fights i might just give the slight advantage to Kurt.
*WRESTLING/BJJ*: I decided to put the BJJ with the WRESTLING because i see this fight goin straight to the ground. I have to go with Joe Stevenson on the ground just because of his expierence(34 Fights) and his great submissions.(Bad ass Leg Locks) Kurt is a BJJ fighter as well but both his loses are by Submission so it seems like he isnt the greatest at defending it. And with Joe bein a wiz on the ground.
*WINNER*:Joe"Daddy" by Submission

4.) *Cote vs. Grove*

*STRIKING*: This one is difficult, I think i have to go with Cote on the Striking. I know that Grove has such a long reach and everything but i dont think he is the best at using his reach in the right way, and Cote has Heavy Hands and pretty good tech. Its close but the edge goes to Cote.
*WRESTLING*: Im not to sure to who to pick on this one i know that Cote isnt a big fan of being on the ground but he does have the strength advantage against Grove but Grove has the long lims that also helps him with ground control. So i have this one bein about even.
*BJJ*: Im def. gonna have to go with Grove on this one. Cote isnt a big fan of being on the ground, half of his loses are by Submission. And we all seen that sweet Submission that Grove put on Belcher. So this one goes to Grove.
*WINNER*:Grove by Submission

I know it was long but i did this over a few days when i wasnt doin shit!

These are the fights so far on UFC.com...so let me hear some IMPUT on these picks!!!

Posted 7/18/07
7/26/07 3:50:31PM
I'll go in reverse order. I'm sure some people with disagree with my picks, but just remember, my opinion.

Kendall Grove vs Patrick Cote:

I'm one of the 22% who is picking Cote in this fight. Yes, his UFC record is awful, and Kendall is undefeated so far. But to say that Kendall hasn't fought the caliber of guys that Cote has is an understatement. Kendall survived against Ed Herman and really had a good two last minutes to win that fight, which was slightly impressive. Then he beat up on Chris Price, as did Ed Herman after him. Then he beat Alan Belcher, and I know his nickname is 'The Talent' and he's pretty good, but still, I wasn't overly impressed. Cote's fought, albeit lost, to Tito Ortiz, Joe Doerksen, Chris Leben, and Travis Lutter. All four of these guys are great at something. He also choked out Jason MacDonald...for a guy who doesn't like to be on the ground, that's pretty impressive. I'm not going to be shocked if Kendall wins, but I just don't see him putting Cote away. If he does though, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong and perhaps see Kendall as a legitimate threat. As of now though, I have Cote by decision.

Joe Stevenson vs Kurt Pellegrino:

Despite Kurt having one of the coolest nicknames in the UFC (BATMAN!), I'm giving this one to Stevenson. Out of all the fights in the main card, this is the one I want to see for two reasons: lightweight class is always the most exciting, and I'm more of a fan of submission fighters. Kurt has looked impressive in his last two fights, hell even in loss against Drew Fickett, but Joe Stevenson has just become a monster since he lost to Neer. It's hard to bet against Stevenson with the momentum he's got, so I'm going to have to go against my fellow New Yorker and pick Stevenson to win via submission in the 2nd round.

Georges St Pierre vs Josh Koscheck

It's not like I have a thing against TUF guys, but I'm still not sold on the hype of Josh Koscheck. He looked really good against Jonathon Goulet, and despite winning fights against underrated Jeff Joslin and Diego (who may or may not have been seriously ill), he looked lost at moments in those fights. His striking has improved, that's true, but not by a lot. His ground and pound is pretty good now, but herein lies the problem. GSP is not easy to take down. If Koscheck looks like he did against a very weak Sanchez, he will get knocked out. And I think he will, because I think he's starting to believe his own hype. So I see GSP by TKO/KO in the second round for this one.

Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga

I agree with UFC announcers and well, everyone that you should never count out Randy Couture. What he has done at his age is amazing, completely dominating a tough guy like Tim Sylvia. But, here I find myself going with the underdog again. Now before you blast me about picking Gonzaga and saying that 'it was a lucky head kick, he's not that good', just look at that fight again. Kevin Randleman knocked out Cro Cop, but the fight was fairly even to that point. Gonzaga, before the head kick, was dominating Cro Cop. I understand that Mirko's ground game is lacking, but even when he lost to Nogueira, he was winning that fight. He had no answer for Gonzaga. Gonzaga took him down in the center of the Octagon (that one's for all the 'he's not used to the cage' fans), hit him with tight elbows, then went for broke and connected. Randy Couture is not Cro Cop and won't be taken down that easily, I understand that. If Couture manages to take down Gonzaga, it's not like he's fighting Tim Sylvia, or when he beat Ortiz. Gonzaga is dangerous in every position and CAN be dangerous from his back. Despite how unpredictable MMA has been in the last year, there's the history factor to. Through Couture's 5 title reigns, he's only successfully defended it twice, and against the same person. I just think that Gonzaga is someone that Couture hasn't faced in a while, which is a quick heavyweight that can strike well and has some of the best ground skills for a heavyweight in the UFC. Right now though, I have Gonzaga by TKO in the second.