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7/2/07 12:44:52AM
name's Cody
i'm soon to be 16
I absolutely love to fight, my favorite fight network is the UFC
still trying to convice my mum to let me do more full-contact fighting (she says i'm too "smart" to waste it on fighting).
currently in Tae-Kwon-Do, and once I get my Black Belt my dad said that he'll let me get into Muay-Thai.

that will be all

7/2/07 8:00:32AM
TKD is a good base to start at, and Muay Thai is not only a great thing tolearn, its also a great workout.
7/2/07 2:06:23PM
Yeah, the best thing so far bout TKD is that my legs are stretched really really good and my kicks are very good.
7/2/07 8:57:04PM
Good Luck On Here and In MMA!
7/16/07 1:36:52PM