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6/16/07 11:48:07PM
Does anyone here use BitLord or BitComet?! I have Bellsouth 6.0 but everything i try to connect to either doesnt connect or downloads at such a slow speed that it doesnt matter?! I have all the settings set to let me download at over 600kb/s but nothing even breaks 30kb/s. Why cant i download at max speed or even a high speed? Does anyone use a different program or am i just retarded and dont know what im doing?!
6/17/07 12:33:12AM
make sure what your downloading has a high number of "seeds" or uploaders. I search for the file through ISO Hunt , then click on the "S" and it will organize the files by how many people have them, the more seeds the faster it will go. (when you use ISOhunt, and click download it will open in bitlord or whatever your using, its just a helpful engine to find the fastest download)

If its downloading everything that slow, let me know and try to help you out
(note: if your downloading huge files, like a whole season of shows its always going to take awhile to get up to speed)
6/17/07 1:27:05AM
awesome thanks...still some things i cant find with many seeds. But helped a bit. Guess i might actually have to go buy some stuff.....damn...... BTW im trying to download some of the earlier UFC/Pride events. i had a lot of the dvds but sold them when i needed gas money lol....
6/17/07 2:06:50AM
You need to open up your firewall ports. Normally ports number 6881-6999 You will need to open both TCP and UMD ports.

If you have no clue what I'm saying there are guides on the internet about opening ports with your router or bellsouth modem search google. Or you could turn off the modem/router firewall, but make sure you have the windows firewall on. Windows firewall will open ports for you just by clicking allow access when it pops up.

This will improve your download speeds GREATLY. Without doing this you can't connect fully.

You also might wanna find a private place (private forums like to download torrents most these big sites like ISO hunt can get you caught quickly. This will reduce the risk.

ALso you might wanna take a look at :

these are better clients IMO. Thats a pretty good guide to using torrents.