I'm here.

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5/29/07 1:45:16PM
I heard about this site from a friend, thought I would sign up and take some money.LOL
5/29/07 4:36:18PM
Well welcome to the site. Not so sure about the whole money taking thing, I cleaned up pretty well at UFC 71, maybe sometime you'll find yourself donating to my bankroll. LOL.
5/29/07 4:43:10PM
well i think your done next event with not taking fitch all your cash will be gone after that fight and if you don't think so send soem wager to guys in my fight camp i got all my cash al in but they still got lots to take from you for that fight forsure. war fitch but who am i to say anything i only got $500
5/29/07 11:13:53PM
Welcome to MMAPlayground. Looking for a camp ? Consider The Pit .