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8/2/12 9:19:34AM
Anyone here think FOX pushed dana to make the Vera vs Shogun fight a #1 contender fight?
8/2/12 9:56:08AM
Good ratings help Dana too, so it could very well just be Dana trying to promote the event without influence from FOX
8/2/12 10:07:07AM
Honestly I think it is all in the name of hyping Jon Jones as long as they can. Don't get me wrong, he has certainly proved himself to be a great fighter but assuming he gets past Hendo (I hope he doesn't and am not counting Hendo out) and then he smashes Shogun/Vera/Bader/Machida again then they can really start hyping him at Anderson Silva levels. Not that any of these guys are easy fights but they are fighters JJ has already beaten so I might be crazy but it seems like they are padding his record by having them rematch so soon. Then again who do you give JJ if Hendo doesn't topple him? Gus is the only guy left and I am glad they are giving him time to develop but is anyone going to take a possible Jon Jones vs Vera II for the LHW title seriously?
8/2/12 11:57:52AM
Maybe, but also Dana trying to hype the fight or trying to answer people's stupid questions.

But, it's not really #1 contender anymore.

I really wish that they wouldn't announce if it's a #1 contender fight because I think that sometimes affects how the fighter fights, maybe they fight not to lose b/c they know a title shot is on the line.
8/2/12 12:14:12PM
Stop's on FREE could always watch diving (taped delayed) at the Olympics
8/2/12 12:47:33PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Stop's on FREE could always watch diving (taped delayed) at the Olympics

I don't have a TV, so I will complain all I want

I spend most of my time reading the gospel aka "The Voice of Reason"
8/2/12 1:11:56PM
Shogun/Vera winner is one of very few options. Gustaffson is up there, but they're probably planning on giving him another fight to set him up for a title fight, so other then him all you have left is rematches. Shogun, Vera, Machida, Bader, Rampage, Evans, etc.
8/2/12 2:36:46PM
i dont know if they pushed dana to make the fight, but since jones has cleaned out most of the division, there wasnt that many other options. i think jones will smash either one assuming he doesnt get H-bombed before that.
8/2/12 5:04:10PM
Dana know whatever comes out of his mouth garners interest in his brand.
8/4/12 2:01:21PM
I think the only way this benefits Fox is if they have Jones fight (murder) the winner on the next fox card. Otherwise they are just building up this contender on fox to have him fight on a PPV.
8/4/12 4:42:58PM
I'm at the fights.
Met skyscraper struve. Honestly none of the guys tonight deserve a shot. If bader wins I think he is a win away.

I still think now number contender is Alexander the mauler
8/5/12 12:16:06AM
Machida and Shogun should settle their rubber match, winner gets the title shot.