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6/9/12 11:12:30AM
Im having issues with my new site and Ive had to set up a new database. Im hosted by GoDaddy and I use Drupal, does any body know how to move the file sfrom the old database to the new database, Ive got no clue what Im doing.

6/9/12 12:15:40PM
That's a bummer. Wish I could help but I'm like you. I know virtually nothing about computers. I hope you find the help you need, Rabi.
6/9/12 12:17:09PM
Thanks mate, Im gutted, we had a fall out with the web designer and he sabotaged the site, left us right up s##t creek.
6/9/12 3:23:51PM
I'm sorry to hear that Rabi.... I haven't done anything in that arena in close to a decade, so I'm a little out of the game. I wouldn't doubt someone on here will be able to help you out though. I know there are some tech wizards here.
6/9/12 3:25:04PM
Thanks Pmoney, Budge is having a look for me, fingers crossed.
6/9/12 5:42:38PM
Dude, for a blogging platform, you really need to get wordpress and a host that can integrate it well. It's very user friendly and specifically designed for blogging. It's great for non-techy folks.

I don't know much about Drupal, or how well GoDaddy allows for application hosting and integration, but I can certainly take a look if budge can't help.

I'd also take a look into, which is highly compatible with bloggers, and they have immense customer service.
6/9/12 5:43:50PM
Thanks mate, Ill message Budge, and Ill get him to contact you if he needs any help if thats ok.
6/9/12 6:02:41PM
6/9/12 6:08:37PM
I just use wordpress, and forward my godaddy straight there. Good temporary fix while you figure stuff out.. it would take about 5 minutes to set up or something like that and have just forward to that place.
6/9/12 6:11:41PM
Can you help us with that Jake?