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5/10/12 10:19:20PM
I saw a post or two over at FightFanatics where this board was mentioned so figured i'd make an account and give it a shot. I post at a few MMA and boxing boards and this one looks to have some good posters.

Look forward to posting with you guys

5/10/12 10:22:49PM
Welcome to the PG, buddy!
5/10/12 10:30:26PM
Diaz avatar, nice. You'll fit in just fine. Welcome to the site man.
5/10/12 10:35:11PM
Sup man

If your dedicated and will make all your picks I'd be glad to have you in my fight camp

Pm me for an invite
5/10/12 11:26:18PM
Welcome to the site. Good luck with the picks and wagers
5/10/12 11:52:58PM
What's up bro
5/11/12 12:08:37AM
5/11/12 12:38:02AM
Welcome aboard. If you plan on participating in the leagues and would like to join a fight camp, I would love to have you.

Fight camp invitation has been sent - I hope you join.


5/11/12 12:39:21AM
Perhaps I could bribe you with a prop.
5/11/12 4:39:01AM
Welcome to the site, Dante this is the best online MMA community there is.
5/11/12 5:22:21AM
we gangsta

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5/11/12 5:53:24AM
Nate Diaz avatars are always welcome
5/11/12 9:22:29AM
7/14/12 2:20:12PM
Hi All

Just wanted to Stop in to say hi and also to introduce myself here! The Boards look extremely interesting and I can’t wait to become a member of the community!

Besides, I would like to suggest the moderators and the administrators of this site that there should be a place for every new member for their introduction. Majority of the people prefer to give their introduction before they could start up.

So if my suggestion is logical and if it does make any sense then an introduction thread should be started here.