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3/4/12 3:32:45AM

After the success of UFC 1, the UFC were back and aiming for bigger and better, instead of an 8 man tournament the UFC had a 16 man tournament ( for the first and last time in the UFC). We also had the debut of the most famous MMA referee Big John McCarthy. The first 7 round 1 matches were not aired on the PPV, but they did air Royce Gracie's first round match.

But first, the first round winners were, the Ninja Scott Morris (I'm not joking) who won via a guillotine after 20 seconds, the returnee from UFC 1, Pat Smith, he also won by guillotine, his was also very quick, timed at 58 seconds. Then we had Johnny Rhodes whose fight lasted 12 minutes and he won with punches (his opponent submitted). Frank Hamaker was the 4th person to make it through, the opposing corner stopped the fight after 5 minutes, Hamaker pulled out after this fight due to injury. Orlando Wiet ( an explosive French kickboxer ) looked great in his opening round and won in 3 minutes finishing the fight off with knees. Remco Pardoel a dutch fighter who was trained in Judo won with an armlock after 10 minutes, (there was some long matches in the first round), and finally Jason De Lucia won via submission due to strikes at the 7 minute mark.

3/5/12 1:02:30AM
patrick smith came in hard for this tournament, but totally fell apart against gracie. i remember thinking that gracie could get beat finally but i was way wrong. we really got to see the power of submissions in the 1st tournament, it wasnt surprising see a lot more submissions in the 2nd tournament. granted they were mostly guillotine chokes.