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9/15/11 5:30:40PM
I know he has a fight with Diaz coming up, thats gonna be exciting as hell! But really hes in a really bad position, whether you like it or not, which I don't, he's the ultimate gatekeeper. At WW he already loss to GSP twice, and at LW he already loss too Edgar twice, in the 1st fights he arguably won but in the 2nd got dominated.

So really all he can do is play the waiting game for somebody to dethrone them. I know he still has Diaz to fight, but after should he stay at WW or go to LW? I use to think WW had the more exciting match up's for him, but now that LW has Guillard, Guida, Henderson, Miller, and Guida I would love to see him fight either of them. Really if any of them beat him thats what would stand them out from the rest for a title shot.

And with Melendez coming soon....oh my god that would be incredible..but he probably stays at WW since hes closer to a title shot by beating Diaz and then maybe a Fitch rematch and hope GSP loses to Condit.
9/15/11 5:35:24PM
Fight new people and not worry about the title.
9/15/11 5:50:13PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Fight new people and not worry about the title.

Exactly. In my opinion BJ has already accomplished enough. Every person that watches mma should know of BJ and what he's accomplished. I say make the best possible matches for him that you can while he's still fighting. Have him fight Cerrone, Melendez, Alves or Condit. Hell, have him fight them all. There is no need to waste one of his fights on GSP.
9/15/11 6:18:19PM
Almost in the same position as Hughes and Franklin.
9/15/11 9:03:25PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Almost in the same position as Hughes and Franklin.

Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. If I recall correctly, isn't the reason Franklin moved up to LHW because the UFC pretty much sat him down and was like "Look, here's the thing, you can't compete at MW anymore because you are probably going to beat everyone not named Anderson Silva, so you will be eliminating all of the possible contenders for the belt, and we can't have you be the only guy fighting for the belt."

That's kinda how it is for BJ at LW. We all have our opinions of who deserves the shot at the winner of Maynard and Edgar, and regardless of whether or not we agree on who it is that should be the number one contender, we could all make valid arguments as to why our guy deserves the next shot over someone elses, so the UFC can't really have BJ down at 155 creating an even bigger cluster f@%k out of the LW title picture than it already is. Really, it's kinda like Budgellism said, based on his accomplishments and everything, BJ has nothing left to prove really, so all they can do is create really dynamic and exciting match ups for Penn like his current match up with Diaz.
9/15/11 9:45:23PM
Well for sheer novelty I would like to see him fight Machida again if i'm being honest.
9/15/11 10:32:03PM
I don't see bj getting another title shot again
But I do think bj has about 5 ufc fights left in him
He does have kos, melendez, shields. He has some options

Kind of like randy, and hughes. Nothing but great big fights that interest him are left
9/15/11 10:54:54PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Almost in the same position as Hughes and Franklin.

Sorta, but Franklin and Hughes can't hang with the top dogs at their respective weight classes anymore like BJ can. I will be cheering for Hughes but I'm afraid of what Kos is going to do to him. On the other hand BJ vs Kos would be a much closer fight.
9/16/11 3:58:59PM
Anderson....... tell me you wouldnt be interested to watch a crazy fearless ************ try to go toe to toe......
9/16/11 5:48:24PM
BJ should wait. If Maynard beat Edgar, Bj is totally capable of tooling Maynard, and thus, can win the LW title again.
GSP may just lose one of his next fights, it's not likely, but it's possible. And BJ can feasibly beat the person who won that title. Either way, waiting and just beating the crap out of the competition given is his best route.

And it's not exactly the same as the franklin situation. Franklin would beat the #1 contenders, but always just barely. And that ended up taking away the challengers for anderson. But BJ is destroying guys when he beats them. So while Franklin is eliminating the competition by just barely and stagnating the division, BJ is eliminating contenders in emphatic fashion. From a business perspective(which is Dana's only qualm) BJ getting title shots still brings excitement to the division.

And you know, if he loses in the meantime, That just allows him to take a minor step down in competition. Which then allows him to destroy a fighter who isn't ready for him. I think he's still in a good situation.