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6/11/11 3:49:33AM
I need some help please, for the last fortnight Ive had problems getting on to the MMA Playground, it only happens on my computer and only on that site, Im thinking I need to do some cleaning up some were on my computer, but Im not very technical and Im not sure what I need to do, does any one have any ideas?


6/11/11 5:03:17AM
Hey there Rabi. Wouldn't say I'm the most computer sophisticated man in the world. Pmoney's probably gunna check out this thread as he's a technical guy.

But it maybe too many temporary internet files. Anyway, I know how it feels you don't care what it is, you just want it gone. I'm going to do the same thing as you so I can type a step by step guide, despite the fact we probably have different computers.

Click the start or bottom left button. The windows button (already assuming you're on windows not Mac). From there click all programmes. Now we are looking for a folder called Accessories click on that and it shows another folder named system tools. Click on that, it'll open up that file and hopefully it will give you a programme called disk cleanup. Please don't be shy and click on that. This should open up a new window and run automatically. Once it has finished it's search it will let you know. And you can check and uncheck boxes, such as Temporary internet files and Recycle bin.

Do not be shy or worried. If you want to check all of them you can it! It's no problem, they'll be replaced and nothing in the disk clean up is meant to be there long term anyway. Just make sure theres nothing you need in your recycle bin before you delete it for good! Mines just a lot of iPhone apps I downloaded then realised they were rubbish and iTunes transferred them into there.

So when you've ticked all the boxes go ahead and click OK and then it will ask you if your ure and just click it again (hopefully with confidence) I hope this helps!

6/11/11 6:05:11AM
Thanks jj, ill try that when I get home later.
6/11/11 2:55:21PM
Ive tried the above and Im still having problems, any other idea's please?
6/11/11 3:10:28PM
I am no computer expert but I do these steps periodically.

Perform disk clean up:

Go to to MY Computer.
Right click local C drive.
Click on properties.
Select Disk clean up

The computer will assess what can be cleaned.
After it does that, you select Yes, perform these actions.

The next thing I do is Defragment:

Right click on local C drive.
Select Tools
Select defragment.

Hope this helps but it is very basic and I am sure other computer geniuses will be able to offer more tips.
6/11/11 3:32:30PM
Thanks, ill try that.
6/11/11 4:35:06PM
Hey Rabi, what is happening exactly when you try to access the site? Are you given an error, does the site just not load...what's happening?

Also, what OS and version are you running? What browser do you use? Have you tried using different browsers...and do you get the same result?
6/11/11 5:12:13PM
If it's just the one website it could be your firewall settings are blocking it for some reason. Whatever firewall/antivirus software you are using make sure mmaplayground is included in the exceptions list.
6/12/11 4:37:21AM

When I click on any page on the MMA Playground, it basically takes ages to load, sometimes it takes minutes, its doing my head in. I'm not sure what you mean by OS, I use Internet explorer, I've tried Firefox and that fixed it temporarily but within 2 days the problem is back.

BigBadAl, sorry to sound stupid, how do I add this site to a safety list on my firewall, I use kapsersky internet protection.
6/12/11 10:03:00AM
Hey Rabi, hopefully you've got the problem solved now! I was also going to suggest clearing the cache and cookies, deleting previous browsing history. If that didn't work, I don't know if defragmenting the hard drive would help... Good to do though if you run windows, lol

And of course adding the website you your firewall shouldn't be too hard. If you open up your firewall, there should be some settings you can find that will allow you to put in the name of trusted websites that you want to allow access.

Hopefully any of those will work, I know those aren't new suggestions.... I just find it odd because I am assuming this is a computer you used to access the site regularly, and just now it is giving you error messages. Very odd.... hopefully you can keep us posted! I've I can think of any possible solutions, I'll post again or post edit.
6/12/11 10:10:32AM
Thanks pmoney, I've updated my browser and fingers crossed its working, if I have any more problems ill ask again.

Thanks also to jj,KungFuMaster, BigBadAl and Grappler0000, I appreciate all the suggestion.
6/12/11 10:49:52AM
I'm still facing the same problems, there is no error message, just very very slow, it can take up to 5 mins to change to a new page, it is doing my head in, I can't update the side games I run in the forums.

Just to confirm, its only on my computer and its only on The MMAPlayground.
6/12/11 11:06:12AM
That's very weird, Rabi... I had experienced a little lag with the website yesterday... I would say maybe try Google Chrome as your web browser.... It's like FireFox, very light on the system resources, it runs very quickly.

Also, you may want to try unplugging your router, and then plugging it back in. If you've had the same connection open for some time, then restarting the router and reconnecting may help....
6/12/11 11:10:48AM
Given that a new browser works temporarily and then becomes infected with the same problem its possible your browser/computer are infected with a worm of some kind thats messing with your internet settings.

Do you get any strange pop-ups? or taken to pages you didn't ask to go to? especially ones trying to sell you anti-virus software.

You can try running a program like Lavasoft's Adaware which will scan your computer and remove a lot of that stuff.

Link to Adaware

or you can run Hijack this, which I don't believe will remove the infection but would certainly tell you where it is and what is causing your problem.

Hi Jack This

"HiJack this" can be a little technical so you might want to PM someone from this thread or check another forum for advice on how to interpret the results it gives you back.

Once this is done I strongly recommend you check out Google Chrome, I switched to it a couple years ago and have never looked back.
6/12/11 11:31:16AM
Thanks, I've tried those things pmoney, still no luck, I've clicked your first link Flashyg, let's hope that can help me, its doing my head in.
6/12/11 2:59:25PM
OS = Operating System. I think it's safe to assume you're running Windows. Which version though?

The fact that the issue starts occurring with other browsers does make me a bit concerned as to whether your computer is infected or not. So I'm curious to see what those results are. If you end up being free of any infections, there are a couple of things to check.

1. Firewall - Do you use a router? If so, do you know if it has a built in firewall? If so, do you know if it is enabled? Is Windows Firewall turned on? You can check your setting in the Control Panel. With newer versions of windows, it's under the Security section. In classic view, it should be listed as Windows Firewall. Do you have any other software firewalls, parental controls, or other site filtering software in place?

2. Proxy Server - check to see if you are using a proxy server. There are legitimate reasons to use them, but sometimes viruses change these settings for malicious reasons. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools...Internet Options...Connections tab...LAN Settings. Let me know if there are any boxes checked on this page. And if there are checks, report what information is in the boxes.

3. Ping - go to your command prompt and type "ping". It will spit out some results. Either copy/paste the results or report what the average ping time is. Look for Average = ??ms. If this shows a really slow result or if it times out, we can have you do a traceroute and narrow down where the bottleneck is.

Edit: that probably seems like a lot, but shouldn't take very long. If number 1 troubles you, just report what ever you know.
6/12/11 3:29:48PM
Did you try CCleaner like I suggested?
6/12/11 3:52:47PM
I'm in the process of doing the ccleaner now, if that doesn't work ill start working through Grapplers advice.

I appreciate everybodys help.
6/13/11 1:07:13AM
The CCleaner has finished now and there is a big improvement, but it still sometimes goes slow, Im gonna try and update the 2 side games tonight after work, if im still struggling then I will start on Grapplers instructions.

Its certainly alot better though.
6/13/11 1:31:19PM
It seems that the CCleaner has fixed the problem, thanks to everyone who posted to help me with this, it was much appreciated.
6/13/11 1:48:27PM

Posted by Rabi

It seems that the CCleaner has fixed the problem, thanks to everyone who posted to help me with this, it was much appreciated.

I thought it might. Glad to see you got it taken care of!
6/13/11 1:55:04PM
Thanks emfleek