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7/14/09 1:01:12AM
That thinks Cain is overrated? I keep hearing people talk about this guy like he is on hiw way to becoming the next pound 4 pound king. I honestly think that this guy is way overrated. I typically wouldn't post anything like this, but I just want to hear peoples opinions and see if I am the only one who is thinking on this line.
7/14/09 1:22:03AM
I dont know about overrated, but I dont think that he is the next big thing. He did well against Kongo but not on the feet, and what happens if he gets outwrestled. I would like to see how he does off of his back. He's definetly a top prospect, I just have alot of questions. Not to mention his size compared to Lesnar and Carwin.
7/14/09 1:39:39AM
yes your the only mma fan in the world who thinks that
7/14/09 1:43:34AM
I guarantee you that he will not turn out to be overrated. He may not be the greatest thing since Fedor, but he will always be a force. It's just simply not every day that you run into a heavyweight with that kind of athleticism, that kind of cardio, and that kind of work ethic.

Time will tell, but I'm here to tell you that I sincerely believe that in 3 years barring any serious injuries his name will be at the top of a short list of contenders.
7/14/09 1:46:09AM
I dont think hes overrated, but I also dont think hes anywhere near the top 10 p4p list or anything like that. I honestly feel like, although the Kongo fight showed how good his wrestling is, it also showed his stand up still has ALOT of holes. Kongo could possibly on won that fight if he didnt keep trying to wrestle with Cain.
7/14/09 1:51:57AM
Overrated? I'm not sure. He's being called the best fighter to come out of AKA and labled as the next big thing in the HW division. But really, no one knows yet. He hasn't faced tough enough competition to make that assesment. So far he's TKO'd three B level fighters and won a UD over Kongo by outwrestling him the entire fight.

Cain's ground control was very impressive in his fight with Kongo and he showed that he is a good wrestler. However, what he also showed is that he doesn't have a lot of power in his ground and pound. After having Kongo in bad position after bad position the whole fight, he wasn't able to work up a strong enough flurry to get the stoppage or create an opportunity to go for a submission. Disregarding who Kongo is, this performance is very impressive for Cain, resembling Lesnar's when he fought Herring. But since one knows better, we realize that Kongo has little to no ground game at all when he's on his back, and just about any legit wrestler could've done this to him.

Overall, I believe that Cain has all of the tools to be a top contender in the UFC and for the moment right now, he's just a little green. He's showed that his wrestling is top notch, his conditioning is good, and his recovery is there. He also showed in his Stonjic fight that his striking is solid and can be creative. Give him a little time to refine his stand up a bit and develope a good feel for the ground and pound. I'm certain that once he does he will be seen near the top of the HW divison.

The Carwin fight should be a good test for him.
7/14/09 2:10:28AM
Maybe its just the fact that so many people are ranting and raving over this guy and I haven't really seen anything that is by far impressive from him. Maybe time will improve some of his skills and make him a legit contender, I just dont think that his skills currently are enough to carry him to the top. Maybe I will be wrong though.
7/14/09 2:16:36AM
that's another good point- he will stumble on his path toward greatness. I have no doubt about that. Carwin may be the one who causes that stumble. It will make him better, though. He's just that kind of person.
7/14/09 2:35:02AM

Posted by Jackelope

that's another good point- he will stumble on his path toward greatness. I have no doubt about that. Carwin may be the one who causes that stumble. It will make him better, though. He's just that kind of person.

Exactly. You have to see beyond his current situation and take a look at the fighter that he is capable of being as a whole. The guy's just starting out, he's still green, and there will no doubt be trials and tribulations on his road to the top. Carwin is going to test his stand up, his chin, his ground and pound, his ability to weather a storm, and almost everything else you can think of. Its fights like these that make or break a fighter, and these are the type of fights that Cain needs to reach his full potential. That's why I said before that it is too early to tell for Cain. Fighters need these tests. A perfect example is GSP. He had it with Hughes, and then he had it again with Serra. But it only makes a great fighter stronger, and with the type of work ethic and mind state that Cain has, he is undoubtably capable of being one, a great fighter. Give him some time and he will certainly evolve into one of the top HW's in the world.
7/14/09 5:29:50AM
He is a legitimate prospect for sure.Is he overated,yea a little.We know he has wrestling,cardio.He has a suspect set of whiskers for sure.If he gets by Carwin i would be surprised.Shane should prove to strong for Cain's wrestling.Carwins got some punching power which i think will be the difference,cuz once outmuscled it will be a stand up brawl.The winner of this fight must be concidered the top prospect(what about dos santos).Either Cain or Carwin will still have a problem with strikers with good wrestling.
7/14/09 7:13:41AM
Probably not, but so far he's definitely living up to the hype. The Kongo fight shows he still has work to do, especially on the ground, but he deserved credit for trying to get some submissions and making great use of his wrestling and also for showing that he's got a chin. Those shots he took would KO most people. I don't think he'll beat Carwin but that loss will be good for him. It'll only be a small setback and he'll be able to re-watch that fight and learn from it.
7/14/09 7:18:22AM
If you take a look at all great champions or top contenders all have had some sort of set back. As Cain advances through the MMA rankings he will have set backs but ultimately all will lead him to be a more well rounded fighter.