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5/3/09 7:20:35PM

my name is chris, and i am new to the world of MMA. I choose to pick up MMA training, and BJJ to change my life. I need something that can challenge me physicaly and mentaly. I just came back from a ankle injury and am ready to start training harder, faster, and longer then i ever have. I want to find that " Never give up" mentality i had long ago, and hopefuly through this sport and help from you all, i can achieve my goal.

5/4/09 12:17:57AM
Welcome and p.s. we you a former wrestler or did u just pick up mma throught television?

and also if ur lookin for a fight camp riffs are recruiting
5/4/09 12:41:53AM
Welcome to the PG bro.

5/4/09 5:09:55PM
Welcome...I live in catonsville
5/4/09 7:46:32PM
I have 2 years of highschool wrestling expierence. I got into MMA for the reason is it looks tough. i want something that is going to push me to the edge, and then over it. plus its something which i never would have thought of doing so i think thats why it will work.