hi 2 all.....

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3/10/09 10:14:54AM
Welcome to this forum! Enjoy!
Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie to website design and being a this forum. I'm stopping by a few forums to pick up tips and get answers from people who know a lot more about this that I do!
My username has to do with cooking, my big hobby. It's related to my website and blog.
How is everyone doing? Would just like to give a quick introduction about myself, I am jack from Arizona, 22 years old and just recently gotten into this and stuff.
3/10/09 3:41:14PM
welcome to the site dude. most everyone here is nice and pretty helpful when it comes to getting around the site. just feel free to ask if you have any questions
3/11/09 8:51:40PM
Wow, we have so much in common, I LOVE EATING!, it all has to do me with living and staying alive...such a small world. Welcome brother...here's a banana