What's up everyone!

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3/1/09 3:57:05PM
My name is Joel, I have been watching mma on and off for a while now but in the last few months have really started to take it seriously. I still have a lot to learn, like of the technical aspects but I love the sport!

It has only gotten more insane since i started doing work with Initimidation Cage Fighting which is the local mma powerhouse here. So far I have done a range of things from ring set up, running sound, lighting, fighter interviews and one of my main tasks is entrance music.

I absolutely love this stuff!

So my main goal is to learn more about mma, spread the word about Intimidation Cage Fighting and most importantly the love of mma
3/1/09 4:03:02PM
welcome to the playground joel
3/3/09 3:05:33PM
welcome to the playground