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2/10/09 4:30:02PM
give me a link to the fight between Neer and Fickett from UFN 1, I've been looking for it for a while, but can seem to find on. Props if someone can find me one.
2/10/09 5:31:32PM
This is a really tough fight to find. I think I searched for it a while ago, and from torrents to mma link sites I got zilch. The reason being this fight was never aired, the only video of it is located on a DVD Ultimate Fighting Championship: Best of unless someone happens to have that DVD I think you're out of luck.
2/10/09 7:35:58PM
Is this it? Link
2/10/09 7:55:35PM
myspace th one place I didn't look
2/11/09 1:05:34AM
Go to sleep Josh....