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1/19/09 10:22:02AM
Have you ever rooted for your favorite fighter to lose or been okay with him losing a particular fight for some reason?
The reason I ask this is because at UFC 93 in the Franklin vs. Hendo fight that is exactly what happened to me. When I heard the fight announced a few months ago I was happy to see that Joe Silva finally made it happen, but at the same time I was pissed because Franklin is my favorite fighter and Hendo is in my top five favorite fighters. And that sucks when two of your favorite fighters are fighting you know.
But as far as the outcome of the fight I could be pissed off and say Rich got robbed by the judges (although the one judge that scored it 30-27 Franklin is an idiot), but sitting back and looking at it it couldn't have ended better for Franklin. He wants to stay at 205 and if he would have won he would have to coach on the Ultimate Fighter (which he doesn't want to do again) and fight against Bisping at 185 at the end of the show which is stupid because the winner most likely will face Anderson for the MW title and no one wants to see Anderson vs. Franklin 3 (because it's obvious Anderson has Franklin's # at 185). So now Hendo is facing Bisping and coaching on the show which is want he really wanted and Rich really isn't going to be set back that much by losing such a close fight to one of the top fighters in the MW and LHW division right now. So ultimately I'm happy that my favorite fighter lost as crazy as that sounds.
1/19/09 11:24:37AM
Agreed on all points. I think it'll be better for Franklin to stay at 205 and mix it up there, while Hendo has never coached and if he beats bisping im more interested in Hendo vs Silva 2 than Franklin vs Silva 3.
1/19/09 1:02:27PM
I never really root against my favourite fighters, but there are times when I have to pick against them, and as a result part of me is not disappointed if/when they lose. GSP vs BJ is a good example. BJ is one of my favourite fighters, but I'm probably going to pick GSP. I'll still be rooting for BJ but if I pick GSP, you know... part of me will be ok with BJ losing.

It also opens the door for GSP vs Anderson. So yeah there are definitely times when I would benefit from my fighter losing, but ultimately I'm still always rooting for him. I'm very good at detaching myself from my feelings so my picks and who I root for are often at odds.
1/19/09 10:41:44PM

though I do understand your points
1/20/09 1:40:48PM
I have picked against Sakara on here once or twice.

But I never root against him.

Which by the way, he should be fighting soon. The injury that kept him out of the Rosholt fight, was only supposed to keep him out a month.

1/20/09 4:20:01PM
Nope. Never root against my boys.
1/20/09 4:23:37PM
I was cheering for Randy to beat Lesnar even though he and Lesnar are both some of my favorites.
1/20/09 5:20:35PM
I completely understand where you're coming from with this instance. I love Henderson, and I really wanted to see him get a shot at the 205 belt since Forrest is hurt, and it clears up the path a little bit. But I also think that if he does get another shot at Anderson, he will beat him.

I have never cheered against Karo. My heart actually starts racing when he fights, and I get really nervous. It's a very nerve racking experience. But when he does well it's pure jubilation.