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1/23/07 7:50:13AM
Just a quick hello and some info about me. 25 y/o male from Louisiana. Been in the Army for almost 6yrs now. Been doing BJJ for about 3 consistently now, off and on for about 6. I grew up watching all the UFC PPV, but with no place to do the training, (i grew up in BFE), it was hard to get started. The Army has given me the opportunities to better my training, and I have graciously taken everyone of them. Looking to test for purple belt in the next two months or so, depending on scheduling issues. Don't have a lot of free time, so whenever I can.
1/23/07 8:40:47AM
WHATS up man happy to have you...
1/23/07 3:25:06PM
Welcome man. Thanks for serving our country.