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12/24/08 9:41:06PM
Its ridiculous, but there will be no salary cap put in anytime soon. They havent won since 2000, let em spend.
12/26/08 6:05:15PM

Posted by FrankTheTank1181

I can't wait for the Yankess to miss the playoffs again.

12/26/08 8:36:49PM

Posted by DCRage

Never. Players won't agree to a salary cap, which is the only way. At least now I don't have to worry about the Nats signing him then shipping him off in July for a ton of prospects.

Yeah I agree the sport will die off before its gets a salary cap. People forget the sport almost died back in 1994 when the owners tried to get a salary cap in place and the players went on strike for the hole season.
12/29/08 7:52:29PM
Manny will probably re-sign with the dodgers.As far as the yankees go,I think they're actually saving money the first season of Texeira's, deal as opposed to if Giambi had remained.
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