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12/6/08 10:46:26PM
Man, i cant even really remember what it was now im typing this, i know if was a gif with something to do with Houston Alexanders ground game. I remember finding it funny when i first saw it then i never saw it again. Anybody got any idea what i might be talking about?
12/6/08 10:55:06PM
DotheMMAth had the one you were thinking of.

Sorry, I can't really provide any more info than that. I just know it was something about his ground game and he may have had a cone head.
12/6/08 11:04:26PM
He also had a similar CT, something like "Houston Alexander's BJJ coach" or similar.
12/6/08 11:08:43PM

Thats who i thought it was at first, so i searched dothemmamath and nothing came up so i thought i was imagining things lol.
12/7/08 3:30:59AM
Nebraska JiuJitsu

Saw that coming...

yep, gspfan is right, it was Do the MMAth