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11/18/08 9:55:30PM
someone please tell me how i can change my title under the name, like for example: people have "#1 G in the Hood, or Heavyweight Champ, or whatever.
11/18/08 9:56:40PM
you have to be a premium member
11/18/08 9:57:32PM
thanks, i actually just came back to the topic so i could ask if that was the case.
11/18/08 9:58:01PM
You gotta be # 1 in the hood G
11/18/08 9:58:38PM
custom ones come with the premium membership

the other ones depend on the amount of posts you have
i cant remember all of them, but i think you turn to "standup guy" at 500 posts, "belt contender" at 800, "mma sensei" at 1000, and "heavyweight champ" at 3000
11/18/08 10:26:40PM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

You gotta be # 1 in the hood G

Can't argue with that logic.
11/18/08 11:08:05PM
i was once a premium member.than it ran out an i nvr renewed it.

but my title under my name stayed eventhough im not a premium member anymore

please dont change mine bck

im working so hard to get to mma sensei its not even funny haha
11/18/08 11:09:11PM
LOL we're not going to delete it We noticed it a while back but its not the kind of thing we ever even discussed deleting (to my knowledge)
11/19/08 1:13:58AM
You can be like me and be the only premium member who is not recognized on the list of premium members. I once had a post about this, it was fixed and now I've been ousted again. I have internet AIDS or something no one wants to be associated with me.
11/19/08 1:33:37AM

Posted by roncomanjason

I have internet AIDS or something no one wants to be associated with me.