Going To UFC 92!!!

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POLL: Are you going?
Of Corse 12% (3)
Most Likely 4% (1)
Maybe 8% (2)
Not Likely 0% (0)
Not Going, I'm Watching PPV 62% (16)
Want To But Cant 15% (4)
11/16/08 10:04:47PM
This card to be is the best one of the year and they never seem to disappoint on the final card of the year. Andy vs Hamill, Blackburn vs Chonan, Burch vs Hardonk, Al-Turk vs Kongo, Wand vs Page 3, Nog vs Mir, Rashad vs Forrest, great card, I cant wait to go for a second Christmas present. Who else is going?
11/16/08 10:49:45PM
going to be a crazy night.
11/16/08 11:23:53PM
i live in aus so it would cost heaps to go but even if i live in las vegas like unless youv got really good seats wich cost heaps, you dont really get a good view on whats going on when there on the ground and thats one of my fav part of mma

like if the nog-mir fight nd up being a bjj clinic id rather watch in on my plasma from all the good camera angles then be in some seat far away, unless i was sitting were rogan sits

and the funny thing is even tho rogan siting right infront of the cage u still see him staring at his little screens he has when hes comentating so he can explane the fight better
11/17/08 3:20:55AM
cant believe no one else is going.....
11/17/08 9:49:06AM

Posted by EvenFlow

cant believe no one else is going.....

11/17/08 8:10:20PM
i'll be there staying at hooters hotel for xmas throughout the weekend
11/18/08 1:06:26AM
Me and and the camp leader from west coast canada camp and two other dudes are going. We'll be at the Tropicana Dec 25-27 then to LA the day after UFC for Lakers/Warriors and Kings/Blue Jackets the next day, followed by The Holiday Bowl in San Diego the day after that. Then back to Vegas New Years Eve then flying back to Calgary. Cannot ******* wait.......
11/18/08 5:24:54PM
I wish to hell i was going, but no dice.
11/19/08 5:01:53PM
Being a broke, in-debt college student, I'd be lucky to afford the PPV. A beer at a sports bar might be tough lol.