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9/5/08 11:16:49AM
hi whatsup.this sight seems so amazing and i cant wait to explore it.my name is bree and ive got to be the only girl in milwaukee who knows what the mma is.im a dancer for themilwaukee ballet.i have strong opinions yet i respect others and when im wrong i will ALWAYS admit it
9/5/08 11:20:55AM
you'll love this site
9/5/08 11:31:20AM
9/5/08 11:34:39AM
Welcome aboard, Bree.
9/5/08 12:16:50PM
welcome to the playground Bree.
9/5/08 12:56:03PM
Hi Bree- welcome to the play ground- Glad to have another female to give her point of view.

Do you have a camp yet?

also- things i had to fint out on my own...
1. the more you post- and reply to posts the more fun you have and the higher "ranking" you get- "Learning to sprawl" is the 1st step then "MMA regular and then so on to MMA senei etc...
2.you can Prop people when you like their post- Propping is good-
3. Try not to get banned for "in-appropriate posting- trolling language sheer mean-ness- etc.
4.you win $$$ prizes if you are the top scorer or top earner for individual events- and you get double $$ if you go premium...

Looking forward to your posts ( and pictures of you in tights)

9/5/08 1:05:13PM
well bree i know of a few girls in milwaukee that are big fight fans, but most of them are in the closet about it. youll like the site, lots of good people, and the fantasy game/betting makes every fight matter a little more. be prepared for the vultures to circle, once they smell estrogen they go nuts j/k, welcome aboard!
9/5/08 2:00:47PM
Welcome to the playground. I discovered it just after it came online and I've been addicted ever since. Your knowledge about the sport will grow exponentially around here.
9/5/08 3:46:17PM
Welcome, this site is great, lots of great people with a lot of ideas to share.
Just beware of avatar bets.
9/5/08 4:03:57PM

Posted by cowcatcher
be prepared for the vultures to circle, once they smell estrogen they go nuts j/k, welcome aboard!

unfortuenatley you aren't joking. i knew as soon as i saw 8 replies this was going to be a girl lol. well anyway welcome to the site, i'm sure you'll be addicted to it like crack if you're anything like me. don't forget to make your picks for UFC 88 before the time is up.