What up??

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8/20/08 10:18:32PM
Im tyler and have played soccer alot of years and done some marshal arts and would like to start getting into mma. Ha so ya it would be nice to meet some of you so ya whats up?
8/20/08 10:22:58PM
welcome to the playground man
have fun enjoy mma and if you need help just ask the ppl here are pretty fu@#ing cool
8/20/08 10:30:46PM
thanks dude. nice way to spell *****%ng haha. I appriceate it.
8/20/08 10:32:46PM
check out the Training section. read the posts there that pertain to your question (because God knows there have been hundreds like it). look at this thread first: LINK and if you have any more questions start a thread in that section. a lot of the guys that post there no there stuff and would definitely help you out