I've put my $2380 on AA

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4/12/07 11:31:16AM
Lets hope he wins now.
4/12/07 11:53:59AM
I think it's a safe bet.
4/12/07 12:59:58PM
Werdum is much better on the ground, can take a punch better than PDP, and hits far harder then PDP.

Werdum has only lost to Big Nog (can take a punch much better than AA can), and Sergei Kharitonov a striker equal in ability to AA and it was by split decision.

This is a much riskier bet then you may think...if this fight does go to the ground you will be in some serious trouble IMO.

Good Luck with your bet though.
4/12/07 1:56:13PM
Wow! That's gotta be the most money wagered on 1 fighter in the history of this site!

Good luck!
4/22/07 12:43:14PM
And it payed off big time!

4th wealthiest player now!

cheers AA
4/22/07 3:32:32PM
i lost a ton of money on that fight I guess thats what I get for believing the hype of werdum