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7/11/08 7:14:19PM
who do you think has a better karate style and is more effective with it... cung le or lyoto machida?
7/11/08 7:32:46PM
Machida's style is more difficult to figure out.

But Cung Lee doesnt do Karate, he does San Shou.

7/11/08 7:47:43PM
There was a pretty badass dude in KOTC with blonde hair that did karate.. i forget his name but it was pretty cool to see a straight karate dude fight mma and win.
7/11/08 11:47:43PM
Andy Hug is the best fighter to incorporate karate into a combat sport

7/11/08 11:47:51PM
why isn't GSP on the list? its Machida hands down. leg kick high kick combo is rediculous. Have you ever tried doing that? It takes Timing, percision and Years and Years of experience.
7/12/08 12:03:59AM
Cung Le isn't a karate guy, so this question makes less than no sense.
7/12/08 12:14:31AM
I'm with the rest of them on it being San Shou, but if your going with a "who's the more effective fighter" then Machida. Cung Le still gets hit, lol..
7/12/08 12:16:13AM
Cung Le does San Shou.
7/12/08 12:23:09AM

Posted by misses1112

Cung Le does San Shou.

yeah, in fact he is undefeated at professional San Shou with 17 victories and no losses. he also won bronze medals in his amateur San Shou world competition. and he defeated Shonie Carter by unanimous decision to win the IKF Pro Light-Heavyweight San Shou World Title. he is also 3-0 in K-1.

he was a San Shou kickboxer way before he was a mixed martial artist
7/12/08 12:49:28AM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Andy Hug is the best fighter to incorporate karate into a combat sport


winner. Period. end of discussion. Andy Hug won this before it even started.
7/12/08 1:23:12AM
The classic Kung Fu vs. Karate debate.
7/12/08 5:33:30AM
San Shou or Karate it doesnt matter because a MuaiThai Shin to the Beak stops them all
7/12/08 6:45:19PM
everyone ive talked to has said cung le has a karate background but granted i shouldve done the research myself... my bad for this topic. roast me all you want... i'll take what i deserve. lol.