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POLL: Then vs. Now
Superbad 43% (13)
Dazed and Confused 57% (17)
6/28/08 10:30:35AM
This topic just came to me, when I turned on the TV this morning and they were comparing the movie Dazed and Confused to Superbad, and I got to thinking about alot of past events, sports teams, fighters, everthing practically, and comparing them to now. So I might as well start off with Dazed and Confused vs. Superbad, which one do you think is better.
6/28/08 10:55:49AM
6/28/08 11:04:47AM
Oh lord Dazed & Confused by miles and miles

" Slow ride, take it eeeaaasey "
6/28/08 11:34:37AM
ill go with superbad, but thats really only because i havent seen dazed and confused
6/28/08 12:00:31PM
Ironically, I was actually just watching Superbad last night.

I like both movies, but you can't really compare the two, as they're two different genres...yeah, both are about partying, but that's about all they have in common.

6/28/08 12:27:11PM
"The best thing about high school girls is i keep gettin older and they stay the same age"
6/28/08 1:38:22PM
Dazed & Confused for sure.
6/28/08 1:41:26PM
Dazed and Confused! One of my all-time favorites. Great lines, Rory Cochrane, Matthew McConaughey, Cole Hauser, Ben Affleck and a bunch of hotties!

"Hey Slater, how's it going?

Slater: *Pops an acid real quick* "Fixin' to be a lot better, man"
6/28/08 2:00:55PM
Wow it's still tied, just so you know I went with Superbad, because it relates to high school parties more I find, and getting alchol while underage, you no the deal
6/28/08 5:05:24PM
its not tied any more d&c by far
6/28/08 5:19:20PM
Dazed and Confused.

Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Michael Cera oh yea....

if I was still 16 then yeah maybe?
Rogan is the only funny one of the group.
6/28/08 5:40:13PM
Man Johan Hill s hilarious, and is one of my fav actors. He was phenamonal in Superbad.
6/28/08 6:40:40PM
6/28/08 8:44:17PM
Dazed & Confused is a movie that borders on art.

Superbad is just another teen movie... albeit a funny one.

Really they are not even in the same class... It should be more like Superbad vs. Sixteen Candles or something.
6/29/08 4:53:18PM
Dazed and confused by far.. Its a classic.. in 10 years no one is going to be talking about superbad.. Dazed and confused will still be a classic