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6/2/08 3:40:12PM
I'm looking to start into MMA pretty hard. One major problem, I live in a small town with absolutely zero places I can go to get training, it would be all pretty much up to me to get things going. The closest place is over an hour away and realistically I can't make that drive the amount of times it will take...

any ideas?
6/2/08 4:04:55PM
There's not gonna be a substitute for training with a team or at least qualified instructors but I'm guessing you're in highschool?

If you are then there's probably a wrestling team. Until you can get real training there is always the option of learning yourself.

I didn't have money to train for the last year and a half so I did nothing but learn about nutrition, went to the weight room, sparred with friends, and hit the heavy bag and learned how to box/ kick/ use subs.

I basically built coordination and a boxing/ muay thai foundation one punch or kick at a time.

More and more people are starting with MMA teams without any strengths. It might benefit you, if there are no other options, to begin with a boxing gym (they're everywhere) or wrestling club. BJJ isn't as widespread yet but is definantly a key to MMA. Judo is underated.

Most MMA fighters really don't have the boxing fundamentals with punching or head movement and are much more comfortable with getting hit.

Just some thoughts.

Submissions101.com has a lot of pretty good videos to learn BJJ on your own.
6/2/08 4:09:22PM
I'm in college, there is a gym in the college but it's a community college so there isn't any clubs or anything like that. I've been hitting the boxing bag for a while and getting better hand-eye coordination. I appreciate the input
6/2/08 10:34:34PM
Omega did a great post on this
6/7/08 5:49:00PM
yea great post over all.. touching.. also a great site... It is now in my Favs folder.
6/7/08 11:59:51PM
im glad you enjoyed it you forum bamf you