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5/26/08 8:11:45PM
hello , i want to start getting into shape but i have no idea what to do and i have no one to help me, i know every one tells me "run man just run" but running gets boring fast. i had about a month of BJJ training until my trainer moved to gulf breeze , plu i just did not have the money , and mma is my dream, i just want to train and fight, please some one help me out
5/26/08 8:21:16PM
try water polo
5/26/08 8:25:37PM
dude i'am in the same boat. i find that i can run and lift, but at the end of the day judo practice really takes it's toll. i don't think i get as much exercise running and lifting as i do in judo. i think the main reason for that is i have someone pushing me which i think helps a great deal. So my advice to you would be get back in some sort of program whether it be BJJ, Judo, Boxing, Gym with a trainer or just work out with someone else.
5/26/08 8:25:44PM
If you want to train, just find a place that offers any MMA related art,and go there.
if there are none than the only thing to do is move somewhere there is. What part of FL are you in. You can use Proelite's School locator to find a place near you.
5/26/08 8:33:15PM
i live right out side penscola FL and i just cant find a place to train at that does not charge an arm and a leg to go to
5/26/08 8:58:29PM
i think i found a place its called Ron Little MA do anyone know anything about it??
5/26/08 11:19:43PM
You might want to drop a pm to RUSH with the question. He has tons of training advice.
5/27/08 8:21:44AM
Provide us with some info and we can help you out. Read this thread -


Give us details about where you live, how old you are, and any special circumstances.
5/27/08 8:47:45AM

Posted by Violence108
i know every one tells me "run man just run" but running gets boring fast.

Sorry but cardio isn't exactly fun, ever. Its dedication and self discipline. If you really want to be in shape, you gotta put in work, regardless of whether its fun or not.

turn your ipod on and just run.
5/27/08 10:49:54PM
TO borrow a phrase from a show company... "Just Do It"