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4/24/08 11:21:04AM
im wondering if anyone has hear anything for ufc 87 besides coleman and lesnar and huerta and florian? does anybody think there is a possibility of chuck returning in august to maybe fight shogun? has anybody heard of any other rumored fights
4/24/08 11:24:33AM
There's also a rumor flying around that Sean Sherk may fight at this one.

I'd also like to throw in that Hughes v. Serra could be put on this card to really round it out.

(you heard it here first!!)
4/24/08 1:11:02PM
i doubt it, i mean ufc 86 does not even have a co main event,
they won't put a sherk fight plus
coleman vs lesnar
huerta vs florian
and title fight

highly unlikely,
sherk might fight on card
but i doubt they will get lidell fight and title fight. especially when they annouce the next two venues fights will be at i am thing somewhere in europe and anaheim in sept like last year.. if so lidell would rather fight in cali than minnesota
4/24/08 1:38:15PM
Has anyone heard any more news on this event being held in Minneapolis?