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3/31/08 3:11:01AM
Is it just me or are the UFC's having more fights each card? UFN this week has 12 fights, UFC 83 has 11 fights. Wasn't it not to long ago that they only had 7-9 fights? If they are expanding, thats GREAT!
3/31/08 6:46:11AM
9-10 fights seems to be the standard these days. If a PPV isn't headlined by a title fight, they seem to be doing 10 fights, if there is a title fight 9 is generally the minimum barring a late injury or other problems.
3/31/08 9:22:50AM
i think it just you, hahah jk.

more fights because ufc has more fighters, glad to see they get UFC fight night a 3 hour event, maybe soon they will be 4 hour ppv events but still for $40, i really dont want the price of ppv's to go up.
3/31/08 9:43:07AM
i think its great, but i hate when there are really good un-aired fights. I know they want ppl to spend more money on the on demand, but who wants to do that when they already dropped 40 (or 50 in hd) on the ppv.
I think they should give you a code for the non aired fights if you bought the ppv.
they could still sell em, but not to ppl who already spent money on the event.
3/31/08 10:39:03AM
WTF dude did you only just notice that?

Barrinbg injures they always had 9, im pretty sure UFC 70 was the 1st time they had a 10 fight card and thats been the maximum ................ UNTIL NOW

12 wont become the norm tho, not even for FN's i dont think, i guess its just dependant on fighter contracts and timing
3/31/08 12:14:10PM
they now have more fighters so i dont blame them
3/31/08 1:28:04PM
well good eye