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3/30/08 8:44:48PM
is the ufc removing mention of randy from past ppv's?

So im re-watchin UFC 77 the main event franklin/silva and at about 2:30 Joe starts talking about condition.....he says the only person he can compare franklins with is , and then there is a noticeable audio break. I could be crazy but i think he was talkin bout Randy! how crazy would that be if they are removing audio, just to erase randys name from ufc fans.

does anyone have the ppv version, not the dvd to confirm?

if they are thats nuts, rogan loved dropping randy's name (which is one of the reasons why i didnt get him complaining about recognition)

personally im sick of all the randy talk. (i cant belive i started a new randy thread )

No one can deny his talents, and its a dame shame what happened between him and the company, but removing audio that mention his name?!?

i hope im wrong

forgot to say it was in round one....i forgot it went past the first!
3/30/08 8:56:39PM
No, they compare him to Sherk.
3/30/08 9:01:36PM

Posted by grappler0000

No, they compare him to Sherk.

Ya i just seen it there and they compare him to Sherk
3/30/08 9:06:27PM me thats even weirder....i guess it depends on when the dvd came out

why cut him out? because they dont like to shine light on suspensions?
3/30/08 9:17:24PM
dana has done so much for MMA.. and its shit like this that makes me hate him. thats rediculous.. if its true
3/30/08 9:23:56PM
they dont because last night i watched UFC wired and randy was annoucing one of the fights with mike

it was the mcfedries vs sakara fight
3/30/08 9:55:16PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

they dont because last night i watched UFC wired and randy was annoucing one of the fights with mike

it was the mcfedries vs sakara fight

Well, they may not be able to delete him completely, but it's obvious that they try pretty hard at times. Extreme Couture shirts are not to be worn by fighters or cornermen. They wouldn't film Wandy at Extreme Couture for his All Access episode. When Randy has cornered his fighters, it's obvious the cameraman has instructions to keep the camera off of him. Aside from a couple of references (most likely slip ups), it's apparent that the Rogan and Goldy aren't supposed to mention his name. They talked about how Wandy had been training with some top wrestlers in the U.S...wonder who that could be. Randy's domination of Sylvia was mysteriously left out of the UFC's Best of 2007 show. Although they can't pretend like he never fought in the UFC, they often act as though he no longer exists. So, I don't think it would be too much of a stretch for them to edit his name out of a broadcast. It wasn't the case here, but I could see it happening.
3/30/08 11:19:13PM
yea i was watchin UFC 73 and i remember on the PPV rogan kept saying Fedor instead of Cro Cop, cuz thats when they were about to sign Fedor. So everyone was wondering, did they sign fedor already, or something like that. Why are they talkin about fedor so much? Than i bought the DVD and there are lots of parts in it that are just no commentary. U can tell they cut it out. Really dumb but o well.
3/31/08 3:58:54AM
I really don't think they would go that far maybe it was randy who wants money for his name usage
3/31/08 9:57:19AM
Wow, I had no idea they cut portions of the real broadcast out of the dvds. I never caught that. Thanks for the info.
3/31/08 10:00:12AM
yeh i was pretty surprised..........this was the first one i found

i wonder how any more examples there are
3/31/08 10:23:10AM
I've noticed some of that.
And I also noticed the dubbing over of all entrance music during replays of shows.
I was watching Fight Night 12, and they dubbed over "Refused-New Noise" when Clay Guida came out and pissed me off. I guess they have to meet their quota of rap metal in a broadcast.
3/31/08 10:42:49AM
A fly took a piss in your speakers