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3/22/08 11:19:26AM
I love MMA. Jardine, and All armenian MMA Fighters are my favorites.

Who is dominating th UFC? Anderson Silva has done everuthing he had to do.

Who are my hated MMA fighters? Matt Serra is on of them and the other one is Diego Sanchez.

Whats the fight I loved the Most? About all the Forrest Griffin fights were very good. Jardine Vs Liddell also.

What was the fight I disliked? Jardine vs Houston Alexandre. DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN!

My Shocking UFC Moment was when Diego Sanchez was fighting againts Karo Parisyan. When he caught Karo with the knee and we saw the teeth break out of Karo's mouth.

What is my dream match? Rampage Vs Jardine.

Most Powerful MMa fighter? Its got to be Kimbo Slice. He is a beast!

Hope you know me better with this thread

Down are my favorite UFC fighters

Thanks for reading
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3/22/08 4:15:29PM

Kimbo Slice the most powerful fighter in mma? Don't really agree with that statement. It is too early to tell and he hasn't been tested by a quality fighter....yet.
3/22/08 7:47:47PM
Yes Wolfan but I am not an expert. Ive seen this guy dominate everybody. The Tank Abbott was awfull. All this build up and Nothing.