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1/17/08 4:47:01PM
I have been training for almost a year and have been doing quite well on the ground by all accounts. There is this one guy I train with who is in his mid 30's has no intrest in testing and mainly comes because he likes the UFC and wrestled for 10 years. When we roll he is very strong and knows how to move pretty good but I always catch him in subs. There has been 3 times now in the last week that I had him in 2 Armbars and a Kimura but he would not tap. He was in alot of pain and I had it stretched as deep as I could without popping him out but his pride will not allow him to tap. Should I know in my head I got him and move on or let him have it? I don't want to hurt anyone but its starting to get to me that he will pump his chest up if he catches me in a move but ignores the fact that I have had class stoped many times to keep him from getting hurt. I know alot of you guy train ppl and I would like to hear your storys and advice. Thanks!
1/17/08 5:12:33PM
My advice is to know that you got him and move on. You're there to learn and to train, not to injure people. That whole "I'll teach him a lesson" thing is the wrong attitude. Look where it got Babalu after he faught David Heath. He got kicked out of the UFC. In fact, many people, when they know they've got their partner in a submission, they just let them escape and move on to the next position. They practice flowing between positions instead of focusing on one submission and that's it. That way, if a guy does escape, they're better prepared for what comes next. And also make sure you do what's best to keep from getting injured yourself.
1/17/08 5:45:38PM
Yeah I by no means want to hurt anyone. Do you think I should say something to him? I mean what if he goes against someone like himself and they let their pride controll them and he gets snaped. I guess its his problem. I do like the suggestion to let it go and move on th the next move.
1/17/08 6:36:01PM
i got some guys that do that, im there coach and i tell them all the time ''if it hurts tap, this is not a fight'' but you still got those guys with to much pride, if i was you i would ask him if what you are doing is workin, if he say no do it harder. but with guys like that just stop the air flow if you really want to tap him, if you put him to sleep he can train the next day.

1/18/08 12:02:26AM
I went to class tonight, I went for an armbar from guard had it then switched to triangle TAP! TAP! TAP! shock hands and moved on.
1/18/08 8:33:52AM
my friend who use to train with me was like that all the time, he has way to much pride when it comes to anything he HATES losing. I had him in a triangle one night and he wouldn't tap, he tried to slam me but i just grabbed his leg so he couldn't lift me he was finally going to tap but his arm hit the mat first...so i let go and he came too pretty fast.
1/21/08 3:27:53PM
This is simple

If your not willing to finish the submission, why even do it.

u said u dont want to hurt the guy, put him in a triangle, and make him passout, he'll wake up. No harm done
1/21/08 9:46:37PM
i had this same problem with a guy when i started training. Best thing to do is to talk to him while rolling. Tell him ot tap. Tapping out isnt a sign of being a bitch, its a sign of not wanting your arm broke.

The guy i had a problem with i put in a lapel choke and heard him gurgling but he wouldnt tap. So i got up and walekd away. I went up ot him afterwards and told him next time he did that i was gonna put him to sleep. Being a smaller guy than me and a little more green he didnt really have a chance against me (not that im a amazing whitebelt). I also told him to smarten up and that if he didnt tap to a armbar he could seriously hurt himself. I then pointed across the room to a guy who was jacked but was in a armbar and tapping like there was no tomorrow. I told him if that tough guy taps then you should definitly tap. He tapped out the next week when in a triangle so i suppose he smartened up.

Best idea is to talk to the guy. Your not tough if your arm is in a cast for 2 months.
1/21/08 11:02:56PM
I agree with Madmarck. When you are sinking in the sub or choke keep telling him that you will keep putting on the sub or choke until he taps. If you hear a pop or he goes out, let go immediately.

I totally agree that you do not want to hurt people in training, but this guy is only hurting himself.