I got a AV

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12/27/07 12:33:59AM
lol ive been ask why no AV for a long time, so i got one, what do you all think lol
12/27/07 12:59:25AM
"Looooonytnnnnnnttt! " (Screamed it with my best Skyscrape and Mask voice)
12/27/07 3:50:49AM
Your avatar to me was not having one lol. Everytime I saw a guy with no avatar, I would first assume it was you so its lucky you made this or I would have never notcied.

good avatar
12/27/07 4:08:28AM
I think I read 4 of your posts not realizing it was you lol, I thought oh hey theres a new guy...guess it was just a new AV. People gotta quit changing them!
12/27/07 10:53:22AM
ahahhaha i nagged that you didnt have one........... now you got.