UFC 80

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11/18/07 1:00:59AM
not a bad card.

fisher vs. edgar: edgar is definately the real deal, he looked awesome completely dominating a very good spencer fisher. like to see edgar fight another big name (Florian maybe?). he will definately be in title contention in the future.

herman vs. doerkeson: herman looked good, his stand up was sloppy but he fought a good fight. i dont think herman will ever be in the top tier however because he gets to sloppy at times, it almost cost him again tonight with a triangle choke.

karo vs. chonan: pretty boring fight, karo controlled the entire fight. karo vs. fitch for shot after gsp would be awesome and completely justified.

houston vs. silva: houston's ground game was pretty bad. thiago mounted him easily and pounded out a win. silva looks for real and houston looks like he needs some work. i think silva is due for a big test (jardine, forrest).

bisping vs. evans: i dont see how it was a split because rashad definately won rounds 1 and 3. it was a close fight with both fighters showing some potential but rashad's strength and athleticism were the difference. imo neither guy was too impressive but neither was bad either, both look like they can hold their own against anybody but neither has what it takes to beat rampage right now.
11/18/07 1:32:04AM
ufc 80?
11/18/07 1:35:13AM
it was ufc 78 by the ways man !! LOL

it was strange to see evans gassed in the second rd !!

anyways, he won the fight !!

edgar / fisher was not the fight of the night for sure neither karo / chonan !!!

lauzon very impressive and silva did a great job to put houston on in back with a full mount !!!

Herman was very good but i was scared at the end of the second man !! LOL

11/18/07 8:29:58AM
ya i dont know where i came up with ufc 80, good call on my part.
11/18/07 9:28:02AM
yeah the evans fights couldnt of been a split. Whatever at least they didint give pissbing (no typo) the win this time.