UFC 80

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11/3/07 12:14:06AM
January 19th/2008
Metro Radio Arena
Newcastle, England

Annouced Matchups:
Lightweight interim Championship Bout :
BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson

Heavyweight Bout:
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabricio Werdum

What other matchups should be on this card? it looks not bad right now... Gonzaga, who Ko-ed Cro Cop is fighting Werdum, fighter from pride who lost by dec against Arlovski..... Penn vs Stevenson is gonna be an intense fight, wow.... who else should be on this card?
11/3/07 12:34:22AM
I believe the following matches are rumors:

Marcus Davis vs Jess Liaudin
Sam Stout vs Terry Etim
11/3/07 1:10:44AM
Grove vs Rivera as well.
11/3/07 1:30:40AM
I'm liking this card as I can see maybe one fight going the distance out of the 5 mentioned.
11/3/07 2:06:32AM
Gonzaga is goin to KO Werdum, Gabe has improved alot
since that fight so he should KO him.
11/3/07 11:48:09AM
This will be an exciting event. BJ will be back. Gonzaga vs Werdum. Great match. Good night of fights.
11/3/07 12:43:44PM
Tito vs Hendo
11/3/07 1:57:35PM
Hendo takes that fight via domination.
11/3/07 6:22:54PM
if tito vs. hendo is on the card this will definately be a great card.
11/6/07 9:42:32AM
Heard whispers recently that Hendo is dropping down to 185, if thats true that cancels out a possible Tito vs Hendo match..

I wouldn't be shocked if the 5 fights already known is the main card