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10/8/07 8:16:54PM
So just a month ago I lost 1500 on Henderson and I finally made it back up to 1000 on my account. So what is there left to do but make another pick to prove I believe in this fighter. That fighter is Rich Franklin. A huge underdog for his fight with silva but I believe he has a way better chance than many believe.
10/8/07 9:37:29PM
better odds:chance to win = Sylvia.......
10/8/07 10:44:43PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

better odds:chance to win = Sylvia.......

that is true. rich is going to lose. sylvia has more of a chance and i am surprised to see that he is an underdog. i am taking vera though.
10/9/07 1:01:18AM
vera all the way
10/9/07 4:34:21PM
I'm putting all my money on Sylvia.
10/9/07 4:57:20PM
Franklin still remembers how it is to get his nose broken..
So he's most likely going to get submited this time.
P.S oficial UFC fight poll indicates Silva to be an underdog lol.
Who makes those wotes there ??? :)
10/9/07 5:20:19PM
I've been bouncing back and forth between Sylvia and Maia..
10/18/07 4:46:58AM
yeh if i was gonna try to make a bunch of money that way, i'd put my money on tim not rich. i really dont see rich beating anderson. and i dont think tim could beat brandon, i wouldnt be surprised if he eeked out a decision.
10/18/07 2:48:25PM
best of luck to ya
10/18/07 3:06:01PM
I'm with ya man... I have $12000 on Franklin I believe. So many people have counted him out... that's why the odds are the way they are. Oh well, looks like you and I will benefit from it.