Hi from the UK

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2/6/07 11:36:44AM
Hi all you guys on here.

Looks a great site and can't wait to see how my bets do!!

I am also looking forward to UFC70 being in the UK and being able to go and watch it!!!

Just to let you all know i got a ticket for UFC70!!

Cant wait to go...only 3 days to go!!!
2/6/07 8:19:08PM
Welcome Dodge, nice to have you aboard!
2/7/07 8:06:45AM
Hey man where abouts in the UK you from?
2/17/07 2:01:55PM
I am from Preston in Lancashire (North West England)
2/24/07 11:14:14AM
Hello there, i'm from Peterborough.
2/25/07 2:54:31PM

Posted by dodge_uk

I am from Preston in Lancashire (North West England)

Good to have you brother, at last another brit, Im keith-hackney1 from hampshire.
Im the guy from ufc 4 who whacked jo son in the hairy stragglers !!!!

Thats me next to the worlds most hated champ !!!!!!
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3/2/07 3:57:28PM
I have pasties
In Cornwall
You want pasties
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3/6/07 6:36:10AM
Hi Everyone, I'm from the UK aswell (Surrey).

Does anyone know if or what fight camps there are that are UK based?