50-100 Dollar Wagers on close fights

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1/27/07 11:17:36AM
Bolded are my picks:

Patrick Cote vs. Scott Smith
Terry Martin vs. Jorge Rivera
Kazuo Misaki vs. Frank Trigg
Tim Sylvia vs. Randy Couture (unfortunatly)

any takers?

I have $30 left.

I'm also taking any bets from UFC 57 from the following fights:

Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter
Cro Cop vs. Eddie Sanchez
Rampage vs. Marvin Eastman
Tyson Griffin vs. Frank Edgar

my picks are on the left side.
1/27/07 11:59:38AM
i'll take you up on the Couture wager for 100
1/27/07 9:15:17PM
I'm still taking bets on all the fights, if anyone wants. I have 250 left
1/28/07 8:33:35AM
I´ll take Martin over Riveira.

Wager offer incoming
1/28/07 1:02:41PM
Got it and accepted :)
1/28/07 7:37:44PM
Bump... its far down :)
1/28/07 10:53:16PM
I'll take Trigg over Misaki
1/28/07 11:48:37PM
I' ll take trigg over misaki as well. 50 dollars?
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