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12/6/08 12:52:32PM
If you missed it on HDNet, it's going to re-air again tonight.

Mitsugu Noda beat Tsutomu Takahagi by KO at 2:49 of round 2.
Takeru beat Taisei Ko by unanimous decision.

K-1 World GP Quarterfinals:
Badr Hari beat Peter Aerts by TKO at 1:39 of round 2.
Errol Zimmerman beat Ewerton Teixeira by majority decision.
Gokhan Saki beat Ruslan Karaev by unanimous decision.
Remy Bonjasky beat Jerome Le Banner by TKO (injury) at 1:46 of round 3.

Reserve fights:
Melvin Manhoef beat Paul Slowinski by KO at 2:26 of round 2.
Ray Sefo beat Hong Man-Choi by unanimous decision.

Hari beat Zimmerman by KO at 2:15 of round 3.
Bonjasky beat Saki by TKO at 53 seconds of round 2.

Bonjasky beat Hari by DQ at 53 seconds of round 2 to become the K-1 World GP Champion for the 3rd time. Hari DQ'd for attacking a downed opponent and trying to stomp on his face. Bonjasky was unable to continue after the allowed 5 minute recovery period. Hari initially go ta yellow card, which in Japanese fights means a fine equal to 10% of your fight purse.

Kimbo apparently didn't talk much but mistakenly referred to Japan as "The city of Japan".
12/6/08 1:21:50PM
Lol Kimbo was funny, and Hari didn't try to stomp his face, he acctually did lol, he tried to punch him.
12/6/08 1:26:26PM
what did you think of the announcers questioning how badly Remy was hurt?
12/6/08 1:34:02PM
Hari vs Zimmerman was an amazing fight. Definitely the best of this years GP. Too bad the finals ended the way they did.

Melvin kind of surprised me, I though Paul would beat him. But he got careless with his defense and Melvin always has that KO power.

Sefo looked good, he gassed in the third but had a good showing. Choi was way too slow to catch him. glad to see him break out of that 6 fight loosing streak.

Karev lost, but he looked good. He keeps improving everytime he goes out there.

Saki also had a good showing, he was definitely beating Remy before he got caught in the second.

I was extremely impressed with Hari in his first 2 fights. Against Remy he had a slow start, and the knock down was good by Remy. In the second Hari picked up the pace with a nice flurry were he landed the more significant strikes, and than the incident happened. that fight left a bitter taste after a great night of fights.

Hopefully they will have a rematch soon, with the HW title of the line. Definitely looking forward to it, and there will definitely be some bad blood there. Especially with Hari going over and talking shit to Remy's trainers.
12/6/08 1:35:34PM

Posted by postman

what did you think of the announcers questioning how badly Remy was hurt?

they were definitely mocking him. looking at the fight again, the stomp and the punch on the ground didnt seem at all powerful. I think it was more the flurry from Hari leading up to the incident. Regardless, Hari should have been DQ'd for his actions alone, the damage he did was irrelevant.
12/6/08 2:31:16PM
either Teixeira really improved his striking, or zimmerman went easy on him, because zimmerman looked like a totally different animal during the hari fight.

that was FOTN (hari vs zimmerman)
12/6/08 2:47:52PM
I can't belive hari got up fomr that knock down
12/6/08 6:13:19PM

Picture of the stoppage in the final.
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