9/20-What Will You Watch?

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POLL: What Will You Watch On 9/20?
Only Strikeforce 14% (4)
Only EliteXC 32% (9)
Only Cage Rage 0% (0)
Any 2 But Not All 3 21% (6)
All 3 If Possible 18% (5)
College Football-War "Insert Your Team Here"! 14% (4)
8/14/08 1:15:57PM
9/20 is going to be one of those MMA overload nights. The current schedule has not 1, not 2, but THREE live events that day/night! Strikeforce is to run at the Playboy Mansion, EliteXC is in New Mexico, and there's a Cage Rage event scheduled that night as well. Gonna be a good night to have digital cable/satellite, especially if they're all on TV (not sure about Strikeforce yet, EXC will be on Showtime). So...what are you gonna watch? Any? All? Flip between MMA & college football? Football but no MMA?
8/14/08 1:37:31PM
Elite XC always comes first. (except the UFC, or WEC, or boxing, or doing something.) lol
8/14/08 1:44:28PM
I don't get it, I thought EliteXC broadcast different promotions and that CageRage and Strikeforce were two of the promotions they used. Is EliteXC having a completely separate card or broadcasting part of both of those events?

I like the Strikeforce product. I don't like the CageRage product. EliteXC is hit or miss, such as when it showed the Strikeforce Shamrock-Le fight or the CageRage Berry-Shamrock fight
8/14/08 1:49:17PM
EXC's card is separate, their main card will air on Showtime, Strikeforce has no plans yet but rumors are they're trying to get on HDNet that night but it could also air on NBC either live or later on as part of their weekly show. CR would obviously air earlier over here if it were live due to the time difference. EXC is in New Mexico that night, Strikeforce is in California.
8/14/08 2:12:48PM
No Country For Old Men
8/14/08 2:25:19PM
This question has stressed me. I have to poop.
8/14/08 2:34:25PM
As for me...I don't get any of the pay/digital channels yet so it's likely gonna be college football. Navy has an afternoon game (Go Mids! HOO-RAH!) but there should be some good Top 25 in primetime...Florida-Tennessee perhaps? (I think that game time is listed as TBA)
8/14/08 2:49:24PM
Ummm so theres no way to watch this on the internet? I cant afford that HDnet crap, which sucks because I'm missing out on a lot. It's not really fair they need to show more on CBS or live stream it on the net.

Can I use TVU?
8/14/08 2:57:51PM
I gotta see strikeforce that night i cant wait to see bablu smash bobby and take that belt.
8/14/08 5:23:27PM
What happened to the Strikeforce on NBC late night deal I never caught a show.
8/14/08 5:29:13PM
As far as I know, the deal is still in place. The episodes just don't air until, at the earliest, 1 AM (usually after Saturday Night Live). It might be off for a couple weeks due to Olympics coverage.
8/14/08 5:44:21PM
Cool thanx for the info.
8/15/08 12:18:49AM

Thomson vs Masvidal

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