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2/18/09 3:43:19PM
The Ultimate Fighting Championship is set to make its German debut on June 13 at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. While several fights have been rumored for the event over the past couple of months, most have not come to fruition.

MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday, however, was able to confirm through multiple independent sources that former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin and former Pride 205-pound champion Wanderlei Silva have agreed to fight each other at UFC 99.

Franklin has fought his last two bouts at light heavyweight, returning to the division after running into a brick wall named Anderson Silva at middleweight. Even though Wanderlei Silva's fights in the UFC have all been at 205-pounds to this point, he has made public his intention of wanting to move down to the 185-pound division.

"I talk with (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and... say no problem, I'm down for 185? He say, no problem," Silva said in a recent interview with MMAWeekly.com, but adding, "I could fight in both divisions; I could fight 185 and 205."

It appears that he may not fight at either weight come June 13. Though it is too soon for bout agreements, sources have indicated that Franklin and Silva have agreed to face each other at a catch weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 195 pounds.

2/18/09 3:45:17PM
holy ****......fukeneh!!!

all the ingredients for a great fight.
2/18/09 3:50:01PM
That's F-ing awsome. I just **** my pants!
2/18/09 3:52:28PM
realllllllllllllllllllly excited to see this. Like the Hendo v. Ace fight though i really hate to see other guy take a "L" from this. Hope they put on a great show and continue to build on already great careers.

War Ace
War Wand
2/18/09 3:57:00PM
That's an awesome matchup! I cant pick a winner off the top of my head, but it will probably be a slugfest either way. I wonder why the catchweight though.
2/18/09 4:01:58PM
Wow this is a great match, big fans of both. idk, I pick Wand but Rich could win.

Props Again Joe Silva
2/18/09 4:02:42PM
Major props to Joe Silva for this one

this has all the makings for an amazing fight. it'll be interesting to see how Wanderlei handles the reach disadvantage. this fight can really go 1 of 2 ways; Huge KO for Wanderlei or a UD for Franklin. i'll be going for the first option
2/18/09 4:03:16PM
I like it when they take Wandys quote direct ..

"I like fight, Rich is good"
2/18/09 4:03:18PM
Awesome matchup! I think Rich takes this fight though. I'm not sure what it'll mean for Rich if he wins, but it'll be a great fight.
2/18/09 4:12:36PM
i actually think i just made a mess
2/18/09 4:16:51PM
This is a great fight...

but at the same time, I'm not crazy about Wanderlei taking on such a skilled opponent when he's not used to dropping such weights. I don't know who'll take this one. I'm worried for Wand.
2/18/09 4:43:48PM
this is amazing. when have we ever heard of a bout at a catch weight and it actually coming to fruition. this fight is gonna make history and im taking rich with a 2nd round tko
2/18/09 4:57:06PM
I feel really bad for Rich. Man how can you not be a fan of MMA
2/18/09 5:01:26PM
I like this fight.The catchweight doesn't make any sense-I mean c'mon,Rich fought Hendo at 205 for a shot to fight Bisping at 185,and now you want him to fight Wandy at 195?Why can't they just fight at 205?If Wandy wants to fight at 185,then go down to 185 and fight someone there.Rich isn't a 185'er anymore,he's at 205.If the UFC wants to do that fight,and they should,it needs to be at 205.

But anyway,that's a pickem fight.Technical striking goes to Rich.Power goes to Wandy.Clinch goes to Wandy.Footwork goes to Rich.BJJ about equal.GnP goes slightly to Rich.Neither guy has the best jaw,but I'd give the edge to Wandy -he's been put down recently by a Cro Cop head kick and huge punches from Hendo and Rampage,while Franklin has been dropped and seriously hurt by Machida,Evan Tanner,David Lousieau,and of course Anderson Silva twice.He was able to bounce back and win in the Tanner and Lousieau fights (and absolutley dominate BTW),but he got clipped BAD in both those fights.If Wandy clips him,he'll most likely get finished.

But if you compare their recent performances,I think Rich would have to be a heavy favorite going into the fight.I'm a big fan of both guys so this is a win-win for me.I'm looking forward to this one.

2/18/09 5:02:25PM

Posted by Chuteboxer

This is a great fight...

but at the same time, I'm not crazy about Wanderlei taking on such a skilled opponent when he's not used to dropping such weights. I don't know who'll take this one. I'm worried for Wand.

195 tho, not a huge drop
2/18/09 5:02:51PM
Awsome fight, I just don't see how this furthers either of their career's.
2/18/09 5:06:31PM

Posted by cmill21

Awsome fight, I just don't see how this furthers either of their career's.

Me neither. I think this is more a fight to help Wanderlei lose the weight naturally, rather than cut it all to fight and much props to Rich for helping him do this.
2/18/09 5:15:51PM
Good fight. I got Franklin by decision.
2/18/09 5:21:38PM
I thought rich was a 205er now.I think rich wud just pick wanderlei apart unless wandy catches rich with some wild shots it cud be a long fight for wandy.I like both of them it wud be a good fight but i can not see it happening just with rich up at lhw now.It wud be pointless going back to mw till a. silva is out of the picture unless he fancy another good hiding
2/18/09 5:36:13PM
What a fight, good work Mr.Silva.
2/18/09 6:06:38PM
I think Wanderlei is going to knock Rich out cold. I think it will be an awesome fight up to that point though!
2/18/09 6:18:42PM
Franklin, UD. Mabeys a late stoppage, Wandy might gas a little towards and end since he wont be used to cutting the extra weight and if he does Rich will probably try to capitalize like he tried in the hendo fight before finger in eye. I see it going alot like the chuck wandy fight though, with Rich using his reach to take the W. Before the Hendo fight id be worried about whether or not Richs chin will hold up, but he took some bombs from Hendo in the 1st round and recovered pretty well.

I think this is a good fight for both of them really, It puts them both in a good position in their new divisions, since Rich is a former 185 champ and Wandy a 205 champ. Its the first time I remember anything like this happening. I kinda feel sorry for Rich though, looks like the UFC are messing him about a little asking him to keep changing weights.
2/18/09 6:45:46PM
I dont like this fight now, maybe if they werent both coming off losses. The loser is going to have two straight losses. Which isnt a good # to have in the UFC, I know they wont get cut but it wont help them.

I just find it to be an odd match, not really interested in it much.
2/18/09 7:43:42PM
My heart tells me Wandy.
My brain tells me Rich.
This will be a damn good war.
2/18/09 8:24:31PM
Wanderlei by Murder
2/18/09 8:28:24PM
I think Franklin would win because he's a better all-around MMA fighter.
2/18/09 8:29:49PM
Great fight. Looking forward to this for sure.
2/18/09 8:49:58PM
If I was Franklin i would be scared of the name Silva

2/18/09 8:59:20PM
I have a vid in my profile that a friend of mine took @ the 2008 RPS National Championship that will give away who will win. I guess this should have been that should been posted in the "SPOILER" forum.

Franklin via BRUTAL Rock>Scissors

2/18/09 10:59:20PM
great co main event should be a awesome fight
go rich
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