K-1 USA GP 2008 Quick Results (Spoilers)

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8/10/08 6:50:58PM
Just results from the USA GP and Superfights from Hawaii:
Reserve Fights:
Randy Kim (2-5) defeated Vilitonu Fonokalafi (0-1) via KO (R1)
Stefan “Blitz” Leko (29-15) defeated Junior Sua (0-1) via KO (R2)
Rico Verhoeven (2-0) defeated Koichi (0-1) via unanimous decision

Badr Hari (10-3) defeated Domagoj Ostojic (0-1) via KO (R1)
Min Soo Kim (4-1) defeated Scott Junk (0-2) via unanimous decision
Paul Slowinski (10-6) defeated Aziz Jahjah (0-1) via TKO (R3)

K-1 USA GP Quarterfinals:
Rick Cheek (2-1) defeated Nicholas Pettas (6-9) via TKO (R1)
Gokhan Saki (7-1) defeated Deutsch Puu (0-1) via KO (R1)
Wesley “Cabbage” Correira (1-3) defeated Eric “Butterbean” Esch (2-5) via KO (R2)
Siala-Mou “Mighty Mo” Siligia (13-9) defeated Justice Smith (0-1) via majority decision

K-1 USA GP Semifinals:
Gokhan Saki (7-1) defeated Rick Cheek (2-1) via KO (R1)
Randy Kim (2-5)** defeated Wesley “Cabbage” Correira (1-3) via KO (R2)
**Mighty Mo out due to injury

K-1 USA GP Finals:
Gokhan Saki (7-1) defeated Randy Kim (2-5) via KO (R2)
8/10/08 9:43:41PM
LOL at Butterbean and Cabbage, here are some of the fights if you didnt get a chance to watch it

Butterbean vs Cabbage

Hari vs Domagoj kind of a weird ending, basically first punch by each, Hari knocked him cold but he also got stunned !!

Hari vs Domagoj

Also good to see Leko get the win, had me a bit worried when he got knocked down. But he looked good.

Junior Silva vs Leko
8/11/08 1:35:47AM
I dont think that was a Propane explosion in Toronto today, I think it was Butterbean making his way into the rink.

Badr FOTN, because both coulda been KO'd with the first real strike.
8/14/08 2:50:36PM

The beans kicks where cracking me up.
9/10/08 10:41:46PM
I hope Gokhan Saki comes to mma... he has so much potential. How much is he weighing now?
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