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8/23/11 7:13:39PM
I'll pick if a FW if not everyone picks a fighter.
8/24/11 12:29:16AM
Ill take Josh Ferguson
8/24/11 11:04:51AM

Posted by jjeans

Posted by ChrisSabal

I'll take John Dodson and Karsten Lenjoint

Nice try but you can only take one fighter

whoops then I will take Karsten
8/24/11 3:39:51PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I'll pick if a FW if not everyone picks a fighter.

Sorry buddy, 1 pick only if not everyone picks I will post it up in the ECP and they will have the unselected fighters.
8/24/11 10:39:11PM
I'll take Louis Gaudinot. Thanks, Jay...
8/25/11 5:10:06AM
Il take Marcus Brimage please
8/25/11 3:18:04PM
Doing really well guys! I'm really impressed and happy, if you want in but don't know who to pick just say you want to play and i'll randomly select you a fighter

Only need 11 more please!

EDIT: 10
EDIT: 9 thanks Rabi
EDIT: WOW! Down to 4
8/25/11 3:43:26PM
arimahn chooses John albert
8/26/11 1:14:10AM
i take diego brandao
8/26/11 5:20:15AM
TheAngelOfDeath wants in, can you please pick 1 fighter for him.
8/26/11 5:24:21AM
Calitrees would also like a random fighter.
8/26/11 5:31:21AM
Diego Brandao, please.
8/26/11 5:32:45AM
Ah, nevermind. Give me Akiri then :D
8/26/11 10:59:33AM
I'll get in on this... I'll take Johnny Bedford if he's still free
8/26/11 2:53:12PM
2 More players needed! We can do this!!!!!! looking to have someone pick:

Dustin Pague
Fighting out of: Centreville, Va./MASE MMA
Record: 9-4
Age: 23


Jesse Newell
Fighting out of: Ventura, Calif./Knuckleheadz Boxing
Record: 6-1
Age: 24
8/26/11 3:36:32PM
Thanks for the invite Jay
8/26/11 4:07:09PM
give me a guy left, if theres room still
8/26/11 4:50:26PM
We have officially filled up all 32 slots. 16 of us will be eliminated in the first round. 2 of you will win.

Thanks everybody for participating and good luck to you all!
8/26/11 4:56:45PM
looking forward to it
8/26/11 6:29:44PM
Sorry, I picked Josh Clopton on the 23 August (page 2 on the thread) youve given him to danclarke who posted his pick 2 days after me in the camp forum, as it was an over sight and I no longer have a fighter, can we both have the same fighter, seems a shame to exclude either of us and as there are no fighters left, what do you think?
9/15/11 7:13:05PM
First known fight is:

DrivenDavies15 vs Twenty20Dollars.

Josh Fergusson vs Casey Dyer.

How does it feel knowing 16 people are getting eliminated straight off the bat.....
9/20/11 10:55:11PM
I would like to take this time to chirp in advance whoever gets matched up against my boy (Tateki Matsuda) tomorrow night
9/22/11 8:37:43AM
Can't believe Rivera lost. He won that first round for sure. Excellent fight though.
9/22/11 4:08:03PM
Rivera gassed. Im sure my fighter went out as well.
9/22/11 4:15:00PM
How did my guy Bedford do?
9/22/11 4:17:03PM
Give me 1 minute and Ill update the thread with results of who made it into the house.
9/22/11 4:20:54PM

Posted by Rabi

Give me 1 minute and Ill update the thread with results of who made it into the house.

hope I....er Bedford did
9/22/11 4:34:18PM
Fight results:

DrivenDavies15 KO'd Twenty20Dollars - Punches
mrkennedy KO'd Warrior5638 - Punches
prozacnation1978 KO'd theoutlaw08 - Punches
Calitrees KO'd Budgellism - Punches
shaneTpain Subbed nickbithrey - Triangle Choke
tattflash KO'd TheAngelOfDeath - Punches
prophecy033 Subbed DeadHead988 - neck crank/guillotine choke
Southside11 MD FranklinFan47 19-19 20-18 20-18
TheBudCan KO'd jjeans - Strikes
ncordless UD Basshandsome - 20-18 20-18 20-18
cowcatcher UD danclarke1992/Rabi 20-18 20-18 20-18
pmoney KO'd emfleek - Strikes
Malaussie Subbed fastKnockout - guillotine choke
arimahn Subbed KungFuMaster - Rear Naked Choke
Pookie Subbed ChrisSabal - Triangle Choke
MadNuke KO'd BlueKenny - Punches

9/22/11 4:46:09PM
Very very nice. Bedford has a lot of experience
9/22/11 9:23:10PM
shaneTpain Subbed nickbithrey - Triangle Choke

That's what I like to hear baby!!!!!!!!!
Roland hardly got interviewed & that bearded dude bro KO'd a dude in 15 seconds so I admit I didn't put much faith in getting the win. But Roland went in there looking for the sub & he got it in style! YEEEHAWWW
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