K-1 starts in 10 minuets

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12/8/07 2:52:45AM
I'm so jacked! I'll be on here after to scream who won! I'm pulling for Remy, Aerts, or JLB. I just don't want Semmy, hong or Badr to win. Who's as jacked up as I am? I will stay up until 5 watching this incredible event! LIVE!
12/8/07 5:17:15AM
Peter Aerts looked pretty good against Sawayashiki. Damn, that was quick!
12/8/07 7:03:21AM
Bah. Night was good. Bonjasky did well against Badr with the leg kicks, and then gassed against peter. JLB looked dominant, his chin almost let him down again though, and then some wierd injury happend, I believe on the last kick semmy threw before the first ended. Aerts injured himself also, he appeard to slip and probably tear his MCL. I think the wear and tear is setting in on Aerts and JLB they've been at it a long long time. I also think Remy gassed himself out by being so amped up to the Badr fight, I do believe he won the second round with his leg kicks and he dominated the third round easily, Badr may have thrown a bunch of shots but Remy's defense as always was spectacular and didn't leave much for Badr to do damage wise. I think Semmy needs to lose, he's not a good technical kickboxer, he just uses his push kick and his jab and wins that way. I believe JLB would have taken him out had the injury not occured but that life. Good K-1 event, happy I stayed up and watched it lol.
12/8/07 9:36:09AM
To say I'm pissed off is an understatement. Le Banner looked like an unstoppable beast against Choi, he was even doing good against Schilt until the injury. I'm confident he would have won it if he hadnt taken the injury, but thats how it goes. I fear now that Le Banner now will never win a WGP, he will be the king without a crown.

I take solace in the fact that while he may never have won that gold (and I dont think he will even enter next year, probs only superfights from now on) he at least has the hearts and minds of the people!

There is no one more inspirational to me than my hero, Jerome Le Banner!
12/8/07 2:23:48PM
Just got quick results:
Reserve Fight: Paul Slowinski KO 2 Mighty Mo

Tournament Quarter Finals:
Jerome Le Banner UD Hong Man Choi
Semmy Schilt UD Glaube Feitosa
Remy Bonjasky MD Badr Hari
Peter Aerts KO 1 Junichi Sawayashiki

Semi Finals:
Semmy Schilt TKO 2 Jerome Le Banner
Peter Aerts UD Remy Bonjasky

Super Fight: Musashi KO 1 David Tancrade

Final: Semmy Schilt KO 1 Peter Aerts
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