UFC 78 - Spencer Fisher -VS- Frank Edgar

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9/7/07 11:51:37AM
Lightweight contenders Spencer Fisher (20-3) and Frank Edgar (7-0) will meet in a 155-pound clash at UFC 78 in Newark, N.J., on November 17
9/7/07 11:57:49AM
awesome matchup IMO. should be an awesome fight.
9/7/07 12:02:01PM
Looking forward to this one....

Edgar and Fisher always have entertaining fights so this should be a good one.

It will be a good test for Edgar to see if he belongs with the top guys in the LW division.
9/7/07 12:22:57PM
Great Match-Up.

This is a very tough one to call.
9/7/07 1:41:43PM
Looking forward to seeing this fight.....

NOT looking forward to making a pick on it though
9/7/07 1:51:43PM
Oh man, edgar hits hard, fisher is a good striker. shit, i might go fisher cus of experience but shit. FOTN potential
9/7/07 1:53:43PM
I don't know how much more proof that we need to show that Joe Silva can be a matchmaking genius! This should be a great fight, It has fireworks writen all over it! I am definitely looking forward to this fight.
9/7/07 2:13:39PM
Great fight! I think Edgar wins this because Fisher's takedown defence isn't that great. But he does have good subs from bottom.
9/7/07 2:24:07PM
should be a great fight, i gotta go with fisher, he is the better stiker and he has an underrated ground game. imo he was beating franca until he got caught.
9/7/07 2:58:31PM
FOTN already guaranteed surely? I agree its a very tough one to pick but my guts are telling me Edgar, a good wrestler would be Fishers weakness i think

Striking - Fisher
Wrestling - Edgar
BJJ - Edgar
Experience - Fisher
Cardio - ???
9/7/07 3:52:44PM
Great Fight, Just.....great fight
9/7/07 4:17:08PM
Im goin Edgar... He doesnt have experience, but he has been tested a little bit. Tyson Griffin is no pushover and he dominated that fight till the end when he got caught with the knee bar. Spencer is a wild man though. This fights crazy. Im switching my pick to Edgar / Fisher DRAW. You heard it here folks. haha.... we need a poll up on this thread... It's a good one.
9/7/07 5:04:43PM
i never thought about this match up. this is gonna be such a sick fight. i gotta hunch it's gonna be edgar, i think this kid is special. he just hasnt had the time yet to establish himself.

a thought: this will be edgar's third fight in the ufc...against spencer fischer, and he already beat tyson griffin. roger huerta has had 4 fights in the ufc with guys with zero ufc experience. does anyone think they favor certain fighters? just a thought.
9/7/07 11:00:16PM
It's in Jersey. Edgar lives in Toms River and Newark is like an hour and a half away ill be there to support Edgar.
9/8/07 4:15:25PM
I can definatly see Fisher pulling out a Split Decision , Edgar will take him down and work his ground n pound , but Fisher will pick him apart standing
9/9/07 4:55:20PM
This is a hard one to pick

maybe Edgar
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