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2/4/08 9:10:01PM
Shawn Bias is on his way to making a full recovery from injuries allegedly sustained in a recent struggle with Oroville police.

The former Palace Fighting Championship featherweight champion was released from the Oroville Hospital on Wednesday and spoke about his incident for the first time.

Bias allegedly ran from officers outside an¬ apartment complex in Oroville at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 20. Oroville police were called to investigate a disturbance and upon making contact with the 22-year-old mixed martial artist, Bias reportedly ran and ignored orders from police to stop or be shot by a taser.

The Chico Enterprise Recorder reported that Bias was eventually caught by two officers and was tased a total of five times according to Oroville Police Chief Kirk Trostle. Some of the tasings were “drive stuns” which involves the taser making direct contact with the victim.

Bias was restrained and taken to the Oroville Hospital where he was treated for a heart attack and went into kidney failure.


Good to hear he is going to make a full recovery, especially after being given only a 30% chance to survive.
2/4/08 11:06:36PM
Sounds like he's doing much better.
I hope his recovery goes as well as he's expecting it to go an i'll keep my eye out for him next year.

Thanks for the link man!