L2 - ROC 38/SF Challengers 20/Bellator 58/M-1 Global Results

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11/18/11 9:21:24PM
This L2 event is spread over 3 days so I'll update it as we go starting with ROC and Challengers tonight.

Friday Night - ROC 38
Pat Audinwood def. Al Iaquinta 2:06 RND1 via submission (armbar)
Deividas Taurosevicus def. Marlon Moraes 2:34 RND1 via submission (arm triangle choke)
Nordine Taleb def. Pete Sell 0:53 RND2 via TKO - HOT BOUT

Friday Night - Strikeforce Challengers 20
Derek Brunson def. Nate James via UD (all 30-27)

Saturday Night - Bellator 58
Jessica Aguilar def. Lisa Ellis Ward via UD
Hector Lombard def. Trevor Prangley 1:06 RND2 via TKO
Marlon Sandro def. Rafael Dias 3:56 RND1 via submission (arm triangle choke)
Michael Chandler def. Eddie Alvarez 3:06 RND4 via submission (rear naked choke)

Sunday Morning - M-1 Global
-Fedor Emelianenko vs. Jeff Monson
11/18/11 10:52:44PM
Ring of Combat has been lackluster so far

Im sure Strikeforce will pick up pace tho

10 minutes
11/18/11 11:29:40PM
I don't like the way Brunson starting this third round but he's been impressive this fight nonetheless.
11/18/11 11:35:33PM
size mattered in that bout
11/19/11 12:01:18AM
WOWWWW Adlan Amagov is DEADLY!
why isnt anyone watching this ????!!!!!!!
11/19/11 12:01:41AM
The strikeforce card has been great so far. I love watching guys fight that I know nothing about.
11/19/11 12:12:38AM
Holy shit, that was nasty!
11/19/11 12:14:33AM
Pete Sell is and always has been a disappointment...
11/19/11 12:15:07AM

Posted by Budgellism

Holy shit, that was nasty!

Ronda left that arm shattered
11/19/11 12:25:45AM
Brutal knockout! Wow, what a surprise.
11/19/11 12:26:58AM
Sayers defeats Britt via BRUTALITY

11/19/11 8:48:06AM
The Challengers card was a great event. Worth looking up and finding the fights for sure. I didn't watch the ROC event but the live results showed it couldn't have been too bad an event.

Now for UFC 139 and Bellator 58
11/19/11 10:29:29AM
Wow, Fedor came in at almost 240. He's looking really chubby as well.
11/19/11 11:21:39AM
4-0 w/ 49 so far. Good cards Friday, looking forward to Bellator and UFC tonight.
11/19/11 12:00:21PM

Posted by Budgellism

Wow, Fedor came in at almost 240. He's looking really chubby as well.

That's a shame, he looked in great shape for the Hendo fight.

Got the full 22 points for the Hot Bout
11/19/11 5:42:07PM
Anyone watching the Bellator prelims? That was a nice soccer kick. Too bad it's not legal.
11/19/11 10:53:45PM
I am so incredibly sad Alvarez Amazing fight though, but god damn.
11/20/11 12:28:48AM
I'm watching the Bellator card now on DVR, looking forward to Alvarez/Chandler.

I like when a fighter loses when they do what Alvarez did at the weigh-ins. Chandler goes to shake Eddie's' hand after the staredown and Eddie turns his back and walks away.

Not that I think fighters are obligated to shake hands when they're about to fight in 24 hours but it's just funny when they lose after doing something like that.
11/20/11 8:57:33AM
Looks like I woke up just in time to watch the Fedor vs. Monson fight.
11/20/11 9:02:38AM
Is Morgan Freeman introducing the fighters? Lol. Sounds like his voice.

Fedor via UD, the only 11 points I managed to get.
11/20/11 4:09:52PM

Posted by Budgellism

Fedor via UD, the only 11 points I managed to get.

I hear that Budge! I got another UD right, and then I got 7 for the Marlon Sandro fight, but for going 8-1 my score wasn't so hot. Same with my 9-3 in the primary league.

I don't know why I would have picked anyone to beat Pete Sell by any method other than KO

I did manage to go from 4-8 to 12-9 on the season, so I am pleased with that. I was staring at an upside down record for too long!
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